1% of publishers had 80% of the downloads of mobile applications in the third quarter

На 1% издателей пришлось 80% загрузок мобильных приложений в третьем квартале

According to Sensor Tower, in the third quarter of this year, 1% of the leading publishers in the world had 80% of 29.6 billion downloads of mobile applications. The remaining 99% of the publishers had to fight over 20%, with 6 billion downloads.

In the third quarter to the App Store and Google Play were about 792 thousand publishers. Leading 7920 of them received 23.6 billion unique app installs. The remaining 6 billion downloads were distributed to 784 080 publishers — on average, approximately 7650 downloads on one.

На 1% издателей пришлось 80% загрузок мобильных приложений в третьем квартале

If you look in terms of proceeds, the gap increases even more: from the total amount of income of 22 billion dollars, 1526 publishers received a 20.5 billion dollars. Meanwhile, only 1.5 billion dollars, or 7% of total income, remained for 151 056 publishers. This is an average of just over $ 9,900. the publisher for the quarter.

The most pronounced gap is visible when assessing the income from gaming applications. Out of the 16.3 billion dollars. revenue from games around the world in Google Play and the App Store in the third quarter, 445 leading publishers got 15.5 billion dollars, or 95% of all income. The remaining $ 800 million. was divided between 44 029 publishers, averaging a little more than 18 $ 100. each.

While in the gaming sector was dominated by the East Asian giants: Tencent with revenues of approximately $ 2 billion. for the quarter, NetEase with 743 million dollars. and Bandai Namco with 503 million dollars.

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