10 000 meat pies$ 5

10 000 pâtés à la viande à 5$

The Érablière du Lac-Beauport flows of 10,000 meat pies at$ 5 per unit that it had prepared for its groups.

The crisis of the coronavirus requires, the family business liquid inventory. With the prohibition of family gatherings, closing schools, daycares and seniors who must stay at home, the sugar maple-sees in one go if you fly 25,000 visitors who will not, this year, at the sugar shack.

“We had prepared 10 000 blocks. There remains approximately 8,000 to sell. One prepares ahead of time in our kitchens, here on the spot, to be ready for the period of march-April. As the season is canceled, it is taken with an inventory that flows at the cost price. It gives a shot to sell as quickly as possible,” said Richard Lessard, co-owner.

Interested persons are invited to book by phone or by the internet through the page Facebook of the Érablière du Lac-Beauport. They will be able to pick up their order on site.

For customers who buy 20 pies and more, the sugar maple is the delivery free of charge.

The blocks are prepared in January and February, just prior to the time of the sugars.

Considerable losses

With all of these cancellations, the family business sees it go up in smoke almost 50% of its annual revenue.

“The losses will number in the hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Mr. Lessard.

“For us, it is sure that we will get through this, but it’s going to be hard times. It avoids all the expenses and try to reduce inventories”, he said.

The sugar maple had notched 4000 maple trees. The maple water is not lost as it will still be boiled, but on the side of the dining room, close to forty people have been laid off.

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