10 careers that are in demand in the digital economy

10 профессий, востребованных в цифровой экономике

Developer e-learning

Dynamics, which was acquired as a result of computerization of our life, requires a quick and inexpensive way of transferring knowledge. No distance e-learning (E-Learning) in these conditions is not necessary. Online education is rapidly developing. The main task of the specialist, which constitutes the concept of E-Learning — development of teaching methods and the selection of didactic material.

Manager on contextual advertising within search engines

SEA-Manager is a specialist who helps potential clients find their product or service and the advertiser to present their offer to a targeted group of users. His responsibilities included the placement and optimization in these search engines, like Google ads, the content of which depends on the composition of search queries or users ‘ interests.

Manager at affiliate marketing

In the variety of goods offered on the Internet, small companies is very difficult to promote their products. So many of them conclude agreements with major portals and fee-based publish there own ads which the user is redirected to the advertiser’s website. Affiliate Manager looking for potential partners and organize a marketing campaign.

The information security Manager

In the digital age for every company there is an acute problem of information security and protection from hacker attacks, which may result in data theft. SIM Manager develops the concept of information security at the firm, assess information risks, plans measures to minimize them, creates and implements appropriate control mechanisms to monitor progress.

Specialist for the processing, analysis and storage of data

“Data scientist” (Data Scientist) is one of the most highly paid and promising careers. It’s an it specialist, whose tasks include the analysis, processing, structuring, preserving and presenting digital data, the use to work with artificial intelligence, and database design.

A robotics engineer

In conditions when the robotics market boom, these professionals are in great demand. Their tasks included development of automated technical systems, their programming, and maintenance. A robotics engineer needs to be able to apply an interdisciplinary approach and have a deep knowledge in electronics, mechanics, Cybernetics, Informatics.

Manager of information modeling of buildings

Without it can not do in the construction industry. Special computer programs allow you to simulate different phases of planning and management of Stroyproekt. BIM regulates BIM Manager. It carries out collection and processing of information about future object, develops a three-dimensional model of the building and provides it to construction companies.

The operator of unmanned aerial vehicles

Pilot drones the profession of the future. Such professionals can count on a vacancy in reputable companies and a high salary. Especially popular they are in the field of real estate advertising, rescue services, in the field of environment protection, in medicine, construction, pyrotechnic companies. The main task of the operator of unmanned aerial vehicles — video.

Manager, eSports

E-sports (E-Sport) is a competitive activity-based video games. The eSports Manager manages in eSports. Along with the coach, it forms progamers team builds a training schedule, monitoring schedule of every personal gamer, looking for sponsors, finding opportunities to participate in tournaments, decide on transportation, accommodation, food Championships.

Network associate

Which personal data of its customers, the company may retain, analyze, someone to pass? Who need to get a permit? Whether an employee put in Facebook the photo of the cat of his colleagues without his permission? The formation of the regulatory legal framework the Internet is part of a network of lawyer — of specialist, highly demanded in the market.

The source: Deutsche Welle

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