10 facts about sex, about which the history teacher asked me not to tell the children

2017-10-13 18:38

10 facts about sex, about which the history teacher asked me not to tell the children
In today’s collection we will tell you some facts about sex that are hidden from us by history teachers.

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1. The Russian Empress Catherine II, who ruled in the XVIII century, employed special “mekatelyu”, which was supposed to initiate it.

Their duties, except for the tickling to stop, was also part of the telling of vulgar stories, which were to bring Catherine to lovemaking, reports Rus.Media.

2. Cock rings were made from goat eyelids.

Such things were common in China. Eyelashes usually left for greater stimulation of the organs.

3. And the first dildos were made of stone.

The oldest Dildo was found in a cave of Hole-Fels in Germany and has about 28 000 years.

4. In the 1920-ies was a fashionable “party-humping” of a sexual nature.

Victorian notions of decency, contrary to stereotypes, was rejected by many girls in the 20-ies of XX century. For example, they attended a special party where they could feel free to hug and kiss boys. Sex really never came.

5. Then the hard pornography.

At about the same time appeared, and pornography. Candid photos were sold as postcards. This was done, of course, illegal.

6. In Victorian times, doctors masturbated their female patients.

The doctors found that the symptoms of “female hysteria” was considered a serious illness the time can be made easier by using “pelvic massage with your finger”.

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7. King Edward VIII was a regular at a French brothel.

He spent at the brothel so long that it has produced a special double bed, which supported its massive weight, until he enter in the books another French courtesan.

8. In London of the eighteenth century sold sexual guides.

In London at that time prostitution was completely legal so every year printing print something like a modern TripAdvisor for those who want to engage in sexual pleasures.

9. But the rage was scandalous sex clubs.

Currently popular in the UK enjoyed the sex clubs in which their members read banned books, and indulged in amorous pleasures. To become a member of the club, the rookie had to masturbate over a shared bowl and to drink from the Cup-shaped member.

10. 300 years before our era in Rome, there were 45 public houses, and so popular that they had to open only in the evening.

In another case, none of the Romans would not work. According to a recent census, the city had 32 000 sex workers of both sexes.