10 foods that can’t eat on an empty stomach

10 продуктов, которые нельзя есть на голодный желудок

A hungry man is not too picky about food, so the course is usually all that is at hand. However, some food on an empty stomach is not recommended. What? Before you 10 representatives of such a controversial way to eat.

Due to the high magnesium content, eating bananas on an empty stomach can lead to violation of the magnesium-calcium balance in the human body. It is fraught with the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Your stomach may be filled with gases and acid.

Cold drinks
They irritate the stomach and intestines. The result can disrupt enzymatic reactions, provoking the emergence of certain diseases. Women may fail menstrual cycle

The high content of organic, wine, oil and lemon acids in hawthorn promotes the production of gastric juice. As a result, the stomach fills up with gases and acid.

When used on an empty stomach yogurt loses a significant portion of their useful properties. It is recommended to drink 2 hours after a meal or before bedtime. In this case, it really helps digestion.

Sweet potatoes
Tannic acid and pectin promote the secretion of gastric juice, resulting in a person experiences severe discomfort.

Persimmon contains large amounts of pectin and tannic acid, which in the course of interaction with gastric juice into a substance in elaborate. This may result in the formation of gastric stone.

Typical for them is the same side effects as for persimmon.

Sugar is very easily digested. When the sugar gets to an empty stomach, the human body can not secrete enough insulin to maintain its normal level in the blood. It is fraught with occurrence of diseases of the eye. Moreover, sugar is acid-forming food that can disrupt the acid-alkaline balance.

It contained allicin irritates the walls of the stomach and intestines. This can result in gastrospasm.

Even if you are very hungry, do not rush to eat anything. Remember that not all food is suitable for consumption on an empty stomach.


Option 1: oatmeal with milk, sliced unsweetened fruit and nuts. The last 2-3 pieces that were not too greasy. Porridge — a source of slow carbohydrates, which improve the digestive process. And sugar from these complex carbs is released slowly, maintaining the desired level of energy for several hours.

Option 2: proteins: vegetables (ideally seasonal, but winter will come down and frozen). Protein eggs, white meat and fish is digestible, gives you a lasting feeling of fullness and accelerates the metabolism.

Option 3: whole wheat toasts with cottage cheese and greens. Cheese — the source of the same protein, and whole grains due to the fact that they are not broken shell retains more vitamins and minerals.

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