10 foods that clean the liver of fat and toxins

10 продуктов, которые вычищают печень от жиров и токсинов

Unhealthy lifestyle, environmental pollution may lead to accumulation of toxins and harmful substances in the body. They can cause serious damage to your health, writes Andrei Laslau.

Detoxification is the best way to protect the body from harmful toxins.

10 продуктов, которые вычищают печень от жиров и токсинов

For cleaning the body primarily responsible liver. Only she is able to filter, to separate nutrients from toxins. Following filtration, the liver converts toxins into less harmful substances and then removes them from the body.

Here top 10 products that will help to support the work of the liver:

1. Garlic: it is rich in selenium, which enhances the action of antioxidants and helps to cleanse the body.

Garlic contains the amino acid arginine, which lowers blood pressure in the liver, vitamin B6, which has anti-inflammatory effects, and vitamin C — the main defender of the body from cellular oxidation.

2. Grapefruit is a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C, it contributes to the natural purification of the liver. All you need to do is to drink a glass of grapefruit juice in the morning.

It prostimulirujte the production of enzymes in the liver that are necessary to eliminate carcinogens and toxins.

10 продуктов, которые вычищают печень от жиров и токсинов

3. Beets and carrots: these vegetables are rich in nutrients and healthy fibers that wash away toxins from the liver and excrete them from the body. In addition, they purify the blood, strengthens liver function.

4. Green tea is one of the most healthy drinks for the liver. It contains the antioxidant catechin, which improves liver function and has many health benefits.

5. Fresh greens helps the liver to neutralize pesticides, chemicals and various metals. It is recommended to consume it every day to provide powerful protection liver and improve its function.

6. Avocados contain many healthy nutrients, the most valuable among them is glutathione, which supports liver function and promotes detoxification. Be sure to eat avocado every day!

7. Apples, which are used together, help to support liver function. Fiber they bind heavy metals in the colon and flush them from the body.

They also contain malic acid — a natural remedy that cleanses the blood from harmful toxins and carcinogens.

10 продуктов, которые вычищают печень от жиров и токсинов

8. Olive oil supports the liver absorbs harmful toxins in the body. Buy only cold pressed oil — it is the best source of lipids, which are very useful to cleanse the body from harmful substances.

9. Turmeric is a unique spice which is used for cooking many dishes. It promotes detoxification of the liver and the leaching of carcinogens. Turmeric can be added to drinks and hot meals.

10. Lemons or lemon juice is necessary to prevent liver damage, stimulate the production of enzymes that help speed up digestion, eliminate wastes and neutralize toxins.

The best way to gain health and to support the work of the liver is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

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