10 fun apps and educational for young people

10 applications amusantes et éducatives pour les jeunes

With schools and daycares closed at this time, several parents must not only keep their children entertained, but also ensure that they are not leaving their learning.

Monitoring the internet to make certain children and families remain safe has become critical. Despite the best efforts of parents, children find a way around typical filtering programs and internet monitoring, but is spyrix detectable as a spying app? The software is used for taking screenshots and recording keystrokes pertaining to specific events such as URL changes and clipboard.

It is therefore to this period of uncertainty, waiting to know what will happen with the schools that we offer you a list of applications that are both fun and educational.

Note that the following applications are made to accompany the education and not replace it.

1. The End Of Rabbit 3

The application End Rabbit 3 of Alloprof allows you to practice math in a race to arrive first. From what I’ve seen, it has no ads.

iOS / Android

2. Syllabic

The charming application Syllabic offers progressive levels where the child practices reading. Perfect for kids 3 to 6 years.

iOS / Android

3. Math – exercises

This is probably one of the applications of the more developed, offering levels of math high enough for the pupils who start secondary education.

iOS / Android

4. Conjugo

Another excellent application of Alloprof that, this time, is to practise the verbs in a platform game fun.

iOS / Android

5. Improve your French!

This application has as objective to help you improve your spelling and your grammar. It is fast and the interface is easy to navigate.

iOS / Android

6. Dictation of vocabulary

In this application of Alloprof, you can choose among 16 000 words for a dictation. Once the words are chosen, the app will say the word using sound effects, and your child will need to write it down. It is really well done!

iOS / Android

7. Games of math

This application is not perfect. Its interface is a little difficult to follow, and the translation is sometimes questionable. However, for math, she gives good challenges! After all, maths is the same, regardless of the language.

iOS / Android

(No equivalent in iOS, then try Raton conversions!

8. Learn how to read music notes

Blow of heart for this music game that teaches young people (or adults!) how to read music notes. Its interface is colourful, fun and playful.

iOS / Android

9. Math Land: Games of math and mental calculation

A small sprint of calculation!

iOS / Android

10. Mimo

For teens who love computers and who are interested in web design, application Mimo is frankly awesome. It allows you to learn and practice languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, C++. I tested for several months and it is worth really the detour! Note that the app is in English, but there is little text.

iOS / Android

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