10 games for children to buy online

10 jeux pour enfants à acheter en ligne

It goes without saying that entertainment — or even simply to occupy children is a challenge these days.

So as to overcome the all (and save a few hours of quiet), here are 10 games that will ensure several hours of fun in small and even larger!

Simply order online and receive them directly to your door!!!


1. Jenga

Players are invited to remove pieces of wood from the towering inferno without it collapses.

Number of players : 1 or more. Age recommended : from 6 years old.

Offered to 9,87$ online, on Amazon.


2. Puzzle The family of Cinnamon and Prunes

Small and large will discover the photo of the family Pass Everywhere by assembling this jigsaw puzzle 70 pieces.

Number of players : 1 or more. Age recommended : from 5 years.

Offered at$ 19.99 in the online store of Indigo.


3. The game Bellz !

Easy to learn, the players will quickly of the party in this game where it is necessary to recover the bells ! But be careful, becoming a master requires strategy, patience and practice.

Number of players : 2 to 4. Age recommended : from 6 years old.

Pay only$ 24.95 per ordering on Indigo.


4. Book A potato bike

Story funny by excellence, this hardcover book is a quebec-based creation that appeals to children of all ages (even very big !).

Number of players : infinite. Age recommended : for all.

Get-the for 12,95$ by ordering it on Indigo.


5. Rubik’s Cube

Great classic of the classics, this puzzle cube requires skill and logic !

Number of player : 1. Age recommended : from 8 years.

Pay only 12$ by ordering on Amazon.


6. Game Battleship

This game of naval battle will sharpen the minds of those who dare to take strategic orders without even having to get wet !

Number of players : 2. Age recommended : 7 years and up.

Get it for$ 19.95 by ordering on Indigo.


7. Game Cranium

Even the greatest keep their child at heart. For a bit of fun and riddle felt good, this game table is a must.

Number of players : 4 and more. Age recommended : from the age of 16.

Get it for only$ 29.95 by ordering on Indigo.


8. Robot underwater LEGO® Creator 3-in-1

The small explorers of the seabed will have a lot of fun to discover the treasures the imaginary of the sea thanks to this robot to assemble.

Number of players : 1 or more. Age recommended : 7 years and up.

Offered at$ 24.99 a in the online store of Indigo.


9. Canvas Aquamagique of Rapunzel

This doll of Rapunzel is accompanied by her canvas magic. It is not enough to “paint” the canvas with a little water to see a scene from the film. Once the canvas dried, it all disappears and we can start over again. A lot of hours of fun to predict !

Number of players : 1 or more. Age recommended : from 3 years old.

Pay only$ 21 commander on Indigo.


10. Game of tiles logical Passe-Partout

As in the very popular program for small go-Anywhere, this game allows you to sing the rhyme and answer the questions wacky that randomness generates. Guaranteed laughs.

Number of players : 1 or more. Age recommended : 3 to 5 years.

Get it for 22,99$ by ordering it on Indigo.


These additions to the toy box of the family entertained, certainly your children. Want even more ideas ? Check out the toys Indigo games Amazon for kids offered online.

The rest, don’t forget to do a rotation of games : store in a few, then pull them out a few days later to stimulate again the interest of your children.


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