10 intimate sessions that will bring you closer together and not climbing into bed

10 интимных занятий, которые сблизят вас, не забираясь в постель

Intimacy and intimacy isn’t just sex. There are many other ways to bond with someone even on a deeper intimate level.


1. Share your fears.

Telling each other about their fears, you will become closer. You show that you are a simple person with their weaknesses. You will be accessible to each other.

2. Look together at the stars.

Take a stroll under the night sky, lie down in the grass and watch the stars. It will remind you just how we humans are insignificant in this Universe, but also will help you to appreciate what you have. This will give you a more complete picture of life and can bring you closer.

3. Write each other letters.

Collect all the thoughts in my head and put them on paper. Think about why you love your partner, appreciate him for that — and write it all down. Imagine that this is your last conversation, and you need to manage to tell him everything.

4. Be thankful.

Think about what you can be thankful to your partner. This will help you to focus on the good that is in any relationship the only benefit.

5. Learn the language of love to each other.

There are 5 different love languages. Understand what every one of you. Maybe your partner important physical touch or words of love. You will find out that each of you feel loved.

6. Together prepare dinner.

Put down the phones and enjoy the process of creating meals! Laugh is very important. Be patient if something does not work. Important is not the result but the process. Closer together.

7. Hug.

During the cold season is very important. Maybe you’re used to that tight embrace necessarily lead to sex, but learn to enjoy it without any further expectations. Substances produced in the brain from physical touch, will serve you a bonus.

8. Do each other massage.

And be careful not to translate that to sex. Just help each other relax after a hard day. This is a great way to learn to trust each other.

9. Together take a shower.

Also the main thing is not to translate everything into sex. Just enjoy each other’s company, learn how to feel comfortable naked in everyday Affairs, and not just in bed. You will notice how much closer, if not jump straight to bed.

10. Hold hands.

It’s simple, but very effective. Don’t forget to hold hands, no matter where you were, and no matter how many years already lived together. You will not regret it.

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