10 mistakes in relationships with men who commit 90% of the women and man once and for all evaporates out of the relationship

10 ошибок в отношениях с мужчиной, которые совершают 90% женщин и мужчина раз и навсегда испаряется из отношений

1. “I can”
About this error, can compose songs. I had a friend Manya. She went on to marry Igor and made bow lips. In their family life Igor — hero who knows and can do everything. But Manya Manya… And experiences, supports him and admires.

Very few people manage such wisdom. More “strong, independent, self-confident,” ladies want a man, hearing “I”, still helped to carry the suitcase. And he, poor, earnest said, “don’t,” said “she”, so he goes by and looks puzzled as she was rushing myself a suitcase. And then it starts. She often repeats “I”, each time more angrily, she is offended that he became a bum, did not notice her, even coat are not served. All the most necessary! All! But because it was necessary, as enticing — just say “help, please”, and not to grab the suitcase, but wait a second.
2. “Oh, well, everything…”
Jokes a million.
— Honey, are you offended?
— No.
— Much?

My friend’s mom explained that a man should be regularly offended, then he will be forever guilty and silk. Sounds crazy. So we will not. But sometimes we don’t even offended. We are all angry. And HE seemed especially angry. Sits and squishes. Or breathing so loud nose whistle. The aunt and the evil inside begins to boil. And then he suddenly asks: “so, Zay, watch a movie?” And she will hiss: “Oh, all right,” and the door Sha-RAH!

Of course, he did not understand. Therefore, it would be better she immediately explained that she mocks everything, not him at all, and not a movie. Because he, too, could endure, endure, and then say “Oh, well”, and do you seriously say, and not because of all the hate.
3. “He was supposed to guess”
“If you don’t understand, I can’t explain”, “can’t you see?”. Yes, you don’t even understand myself, how much for him to handle?! The more that men realize the conversations. Want tell. Say the words. Want a fur coat. Don’t like to beg unromantic, dream out loud. “I wish to go to London with you and ride on the second floor of a red bus all night. In a fur coat”.

You want to regret and embraced? Tell me. I want to go to bed with you — don’t go around sighing like a wounded Panther, and tell me “went to the movies”. The man — creature specific. Act, and not wait until he guess.

4. To call, to write, to get
There are ladies that their stupidity has ruined the reputation of all women. My friend Lech said recently that will never get married because women are crazy, they call you a hundred times, require messages, photos and chat. But he had no time.

Really, his ex-wife, if I called him, to the bitter end — he could, if he didn’t answer, gain 15 times, 20 until his battery did not sit down. In parallel, she wrote a hundred messages with “screaming” “where are you?”, “what happened?”, “are you okay?”, “you can’t love me?” etc. No meetings and “can’t, busy” she didn’t understand.

The man really is able to call and even hot text messages to write, but in the first months of love, not a lifetime. A bombardment of calls is maddening. Man you need to call in the case. To speak briefly and clearly. If not picked up the phone, wait for the call back. Actually, it’s all normal people.

5. It mo-Oh-Oh!
My friend Serezha was a girl who loved him, surrounded him, “aplikovane” and tried to hide it from the world. On his page on the social network she posted their group photo and wrote, “He is mo-o-Oh”! His trips with friends to football and the bar gradually disappeared because she went with him. She was friends with his mom so active that the mother began to call her, not your son. She could come to work for him to “kiss” or to bring lunch. He ran away while she wasn’t home. Man do not subscribe to be your sofa York sircim Terrier.
6. Blinded him from what was
Looked at it and immediately figured: “yeah, good, hard-working, and a beard we will shave up one of those stupid get, it’s a hobby — carving wood — we will eliminate. In General, we will work with the client’s material”. And starts sculpting, sewing. “I raised him to himself”. And then he suddenly stops like he’s kind of different, uninteresting, not with this met… wonder why he changed so much?!

7. Love — marry
She’s waiting for that second date, he will propose to her. And she was disappointed that after a month of this delightful novel, it’s still not solved…

“He’s not ready to take responsibility? He loves me not”. And left to cry.

A decent and reasonable explanation for such a hardcore course not. But the fact is that girls for the 15th anniversary had it all figured out. How will meet HIM, how will HE do offer in Paris, which ring will give what will be her veil and what dress (magazine clippings look in her secret drawer). Baby names have been chosen, and even grandchildren most likely cut knit socks designed. Lacks only one thing — HIM. And when he appeared, why wait? Thank God men plan otherwise. Therefore, discuss with her the styles of dresses, and the men with your super-speed don’t scare. You do not have any “where are we going” a week after Dating.
8. Married, you can relax
How many times asserted the world… Woman, do not relax. Legends go about the women who changed sexual combinarse on flannelette nightie. Sweat pants, hairy legs, a comfortable beam and a mask of ugly algae waiting for a loved one at home. If IT can, he MUST love all of me… But for work — makeup, curls spiral, the heels put it on and go with your chest. Man people are easily impressed. His need to impress, rather than scare algae.

9. Sarcasm
He can destroy everything. Women believe that when “joking” and “teasing” look smarter, more original. He asked “what time are You leaving?” (hold it). And she told him “No wait! Ha ha ha!”. In the end, he to her a sonnet from Shakespeare, simple chivalrous compliment and roses, and she snorts “would come up with somethin’ better…”

Do not laugh at a classic, no need to make fun of chivalry, no need to mess with the man, otherwise you’ll have to live with his sarcasm alone.
10. A lot of letters and words
Women, if we write a letter, 18 pages. If we write text messages, about everything. If you offer to “talk” or “discuss our relationship”, that will be discussed in detail. “You know, that when you looked at me, I felt every cell inside of me was offended, I was so hurt when you didn’t protect me in front of my mom, but she wanted to blame me…” All. A man loses the thread of the conversation after 2 minutes. The attention span of a Hummingbird, a couple of seconds. This isn’t about work, football, friends, and all normal. Only a long girl talk about feelings. So don’t “make the brain”. Write short and to the point, to speak — as well.

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