10 myths about the flu that need to stop believing

Ascasubi doctors!

10 міфів про грип в які треба переставати вірити

Flu season coming to an end. It’s time to take stock. This year he was especially furious. Tens of thousands of people were in a hospital bed, because of complications, informs Rus.Media.

Magic pill for the flu no one has yet invented.

Not to get a virus, it is important to observe the rules of hygiene – wash hands frequently. This is the only proven tool for the prevention of this disease.

Around the topic of flu there are many myths that doctors tried to debunk. Here they are:

In winter, all sick with the flu

Many people in the winter often become victims of a cold, not flu. Here are her symptoms: sore throat, nasal congestion, cough.

The first and surest sign of the flu – high fever, body aches, severe fatigue, sometimes nausea and vomiting, severe headache. If you have the flu, you just can’t get out of bed.

I rarely get sick with the flu, so I don’t need to be vaccinated

10 міфів про грип в які треба переставати вірити

It’s like saying “I’ve never been in a car accident, so I don’t need car insurance.”

You are very lucky, if you almost never get sick with the flu. But this does not mean that you got some special immunity.

The flu shot is, in fact, is your insurance. In addition, if you get sick, you will have fewer complications, they will be poorly expressed. Remember: vaccination protects not only you but others as well.

Thanks to grafting, you will know that is not a carrier of the virus and not jeopardize the life and health of people with weak immune systems, especially children and the elderly.

I was already sick(a) with the flu, so I don’t need a vaccination

There is infection (e.g., chickenpox), which are ill times in life, but not for the flu.

The fact that you had flu, does not mean that your immunity is not sensitive to it. Only vaccination ensures that you don’t get sick. And then – not always.

Vaccination last year will not protect you from a virus that used this year. The influenza virus strains are constantly mutating and adapting. Therefore, it is important to be vaccinated every year.

Using a vaccine you can get sick

10 міфів про грип в які треба переставати вірити

Get sick as a result of vaccination against influenza is impossible. The flu vaccine is absolutely safe, it is placed inactivated (dead) virus. He can’t infect the human body.

He only teaches the immune system to protect the human body.

After vaccination, you may experience some flu symptoms, but in the form of light. This is normal. Influenza vaccine is not effective immediately. Usually develop immunity within two to three weeks after vaccination.

If in this period a person infected with influenza virus, you can get sick. Therefore, it is important not to delay vaccination.

If I did get the flu shot, I’m not going to get the flu

Vaccination is not a guarantee that you don’t get the flu, it is effective, but not 100%. There is always a chance that you will get the flu even if vaccinated.

However, if you get sick after a vaccination, it will transfer disease much easier, the risk of severe complications after vaccination is reduced.

I ill(a) influenza – is it too late to vaccinate

10 міфів про грип в які треба переставати вірити

Even if you’ve already had flu, is it too late to get a flu shot. In winter, the air circulating, as a rule, two or more influenza viruses – usually this is the virus A and virus B.

So the immune system after an illness you could develop only one of them. Until the second you stayed as sensitive as before.

The flu can get sick if freezing

Frost and snow not in any way affect you to suffer from colds and flu or not. The cause of the disease are viruses circulating in the air we breathe.

If you freeze the maximum that you will have a light cold. And why so much to keep out the cold?

The body should be nurtured – to the immune system more effectively fight viruses. So no need to bundle up in huge scarves to avoid the cold. Give your body a jolt!

Vitamin C helps prevent flu or colds

10 міфів про грип в які треба переставати вірити

Vitamin C is very important in the cold season, he makes the immune system to produce T-cells, which attack and destroy many pathogens.

But at the same time, the vitamin C will not be able to protect you from virus infection.

It makes it easier to transfer the disease and recover faster. The highest amount of vitamin C contained in oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, kiwi, melon, red and green peppers, broccoli, tomatoes.

When you cough, gotta cover your mouth

You covered her mouth while coughing, and then what? With that hand grabbing the door handle, greet people, touch the person and thus infect others.

For such cases a handkerchief! If you left it at home, cough into the crook of the elbow or shoulder. It so happened that you covered her mouth while coughing? Then immediately wash your hands with soap and water or use antiseptic.

The flu is nothing to worry about. It is possible to work to go

10 міфів про грип в які треба переставати вірити

In any case. Because you will infect others. But even if the flu is easily tolerated better than those five days to rest up at home, with the temperature above 38.5 degrees to drink antipyretic.

If you go to a public place, you should be aware of their responsibility: you risk infecting other people, which are likely to carry the disease very difficult, and it will have a significant impact on their health.