10 of the most petite Actresses in Hollywood

Petite girls like men no less than of leggy beauties. This was proved by eminent Hollywood Actresses.

10 самих мініатюрних актрис Голлівуду

It is believed that the ideal woman’s feet need to grow from the ears.” According to this principle, developed clear criteria for selection of top models. The true contrast reigns in Hollywood. There you can find as high Actresses who are incredibly successful and miniature beauties, whose growth does not exceed 160 cm, reports Rus.Media.

Christine Chenoweth

Accurate information on growth Christine Chenoweth no, but in the web you can find information according to which the growth of Hollywood actress reaches 148 see

The star does not suffer from low self-esteem and does not feel complexes about height. The actress looks stunning. Christine has built a remarkable career as singer and actress. Fans are proud of the darling and believe that growth is the main thing — talent, which she certainly has. In honor of Christine Chenoweth even established star on the “walk of Fame”.

10 самих мініатюрних актрис Голлівуду

Jada Pinkett-Smith

The growth of Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of will Smith, — 152 see Acting is not the only area where we succeeded jada. She has been singing, directing, writing, producing, engineering and business. Talented Jada Pinkett Smith has many fans, she is popular and respected in all spheres of activities. Hollywood her acting career began after the release of the film “Missing millions”. She was noticed and began to call in other projects.

10 самих мініатюрних актрис Голлівуду

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale, the famous Hollywood actress, refer to the list of miniature stars. The growth of Hale is 155 cm, but that it does not spoil. A girl full of energy and beautiful. Fans believe that Lucy Hale deserves the attention that gets. She never complained about low growth and do not suffer from low self-esteem.

10 самих мініатюрних актрис Голлівуду

Vanessa Hudgens

The rise of Vanessa Hudgens — 155, see the Actress’s small, but it has not prevented it to become popular first in small circles, and then to break out in a big show-business. The girl managed to become a Hollywood star, starring in the films “spring breakers”, “a beautiful mind” and others, and now the actress telling in all countries. Vanessa looks like an Eastern woman, and this attracts even more attention.

10 самих мініатюрних актрис Голлівуду

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie — famous Hollywood star with srstam 155 cm, if you believe the information posted on some sites. Nicole starred in many films, but fame came to her after the filming of the reality show “the Simple life”. Then she got a lot of fans, and the actress broke into show business. On account of Nicole Richie dozens of films and several major roles.

10 самих мініатюрних актрис Голлівуду

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden panettiere is also on the list of young Hollywood Actresses. Growth panettiere is 155cm. Some believe that the star of “Heroes” and “Memories of the titans” complex about growth. The blonde at the public ceremony dresses elegantly and wears high heels to appear taller. But it doesn’t help much to hide her height. However, the star of the already popular and beloved fans.

10 самих мініатюрних актрис Голлівуду

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — the twin sisters. Actress, singer and designers Olsen srstam 157 cm both. Gemini is the glory and a lot of fans who appreciate their work and Express appreciation for creativity. Sister work a lot, and it helped to raise their career up. Despite its diminutive stature, actress looks lovely like men, despite the stereotype that men prefer leggy beauties.

10 самих мініатюрних актрис Голлівуду

Paula Abdul

The growth of American singer, actress and TV presenter Paula Abdul — 157 cm Female popular and disagree with those who call it tiny. The actress believes that she has normal growth, as befits a girl. Paula Abdul beautiful, spectacular woman who deserved the praise that she gets after each new film.

10 самих мініатюрних актрис Голлівуду

Zoe Kravitz

Growth actress, singer, model Zoe Kravitz — 157 see For her career closely watched by journalists and fans who are interested in the life of an idol. The viewer Zoe Kravitz is known for films like “Fantastic animals and where they live”, “Fantastic animals: Crime green de Wald”, “Hurt” , “Big little lies” and others. Zoe test complexes, and the growth of its satisfied.

10 самих мініатюрних актрис Голлівуду

Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou became famous thanks to the film “Amelie”, “Just together”, “happenstance” and others. Her height is 160 cm. She is a performer of leading roles in French cinema. Movies with her participation always guarantee success at the box office and a lot of positive reviews online. The actress enjoys immense popularity among men and does not hide it.

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