10 phrases that are forbidden to speak to her husband!

10 фраз, которые запрещено говорить мужу!

Once again do not want to quarrel with her husband? Then don’t tell him these 10 phrases. Otherwise you will ruin themselves and him up. And even before the divorce will bring.

1. “Why don’t you congratulated my mom happy birthday?”

But how does he even know when is the birthday of the mother in law? These dates are not absolutely fixed in men’s memory. Better themselves remind your husband that it would be nice to congratulate mother-in-law. Or fill in the telephone reminder.

2. “You didn’t even notice I got a haircut”

Indeed, you have shortened the hair of 2 mm, and he had to see it. Maybe your hairstyle under a zero it would be impressed. But all these minimal changes to your hair husband little catchy.

3. “Here Anikin husband to this household”

Woman, shut your mouth. This phrase is contraindicated even in the heat of the most fierce quarrel. This is such a Pandora’s box. As soon as you tell my husband these words, he did a finger does not hit. To Anikanova husband he still can’t reach it, so nail your shelf in the kitchen themselves.

4. “You’re fat”

Each man is sure in his irresistibility. Even if the stomach is already on his knees. Therefore, alluding to losing weight correctly. Slightly adjust the diet of the husband, bring him Jogging with me. And don’t criticize. In retaliation, he will start eating even more. Such males nature is to do evil.

5. “You don’t like my girlfriends”

And who even asked? Who are they? All men secretly hate friends wife. Only if they don’t sleep with them on the sly. In all other cases, pogrugenie witches, harmful, eternally dissatisfied with all the women. Their opinion for her husband is just as important as a saddle for the dog.

6. “My ex was better than you”

Someone wanted the divorce? If you plan to live with her husband happily ever after, never mention the name of the former. For anything and under any circumstances. Men in General do not tolerate when their wife reminisces about an old love. For them it is embarrassing.

7. “I don’t want to have children”

Then why did you marry this man? Every man on a subconscious level, desperately wants kids. And he rightly believes that his wife longs for the same. Why the reluctance to give birth to perceive men negatively.

8. “All I’m going to mom”

Yes, fuck you on all four sides! So thinks every man who hears this phrase. And no one wants to persuade and to dissuade the wife. Once decided, go for it. This phrase speaks of the immaturity of women. She puts such an ultimatum when all the arguments are over.

9. “I’m not talking”

That happiness halt. It’s funny, but men do not mind. They play in silence to the last. But the wife can not stand and go first to a truce. Why do we punish men? This is not a punishment, but childish.

10. “Do you have a mistress?”

After this question will appear. Don’t tempt her husband, let his head do not climb a crazy idea. Generally this phrase directly indicates your mistrust. Jealousy flatters men, but in small doses. Do not turn into Cerberus, which is killing the poor man questioning.

Want to live with your husband quietly and peacefully? Then forget about these 10 phrases. They destroy family relationships and erode trust in each other. Be a smart wife who knows when to shut up.

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