10 questions to enrage any woman

10 вопросов, которые бесят любую женщину 

Most women are creatures of the sensitive and delicate. And rude questions able to knock them out of the rut. What kind of questions should be avoided, not to bring to a white heat for women?Question about usinaverde, no need to explain that such a question — the height of tactlessness. Every woman reacts painful if touched the issue of appearance. And if you really have a bust or shortage in terms of pounds, it is not worth it to ask.The authenticity of the eyelashes, nails, Breasts, hair…. etc. the Woman must, for its own self to look good. And naturally, when she uses the services of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. Often this question is asked not men, and nedovospitannye women. Girls, stop. Waste your energy on their appearance.When you get married?And the sponsor of the issue — parents and married friends — broody. A single woman is difficult to avoid such issue from others and the older you are, the harder it is to listen and respond calmly or to translate a joke. Let’s not talk about sore?When you deliver a child?Question from the sponsor of the question about marriage. Motherhood is a basic instinct and purpose of women. Let not every dreams about it still. Ask a question about the child, someone that doesn’t want children is to get her mad. Ask the question, which wants and cannot (for various reasons) — to RUB salt into the wound.What is your salary?This question is tactless to everyone. Let’s talk about career, without touching the financial aspect.How many men have you had before me?Dear men, it really matter? You have check digit? And what happens if the numbers don’t agree? Let’s not risk the trust of each other. After all, this question leaves a woman the right to ask your opponent the same.And you’re not pregnant?If women have changed shape or behavior, and she really is pregnant, she is about to say, if you want to. This situation long concealed. But if not yet said, you may have reason to be?Menopause has already occurred?And why is it anyone know? If I want to learn first hand about the symptoms and sensations, the Internet prompt. But if curiosity, the answer is: “Oh. Everything!”

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