10 reasons for divorce according to women

10 причин для развода по мнению женщин

10 reasons for divorce according to women
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Reasons for divorce according to women. Photo: social networks

Cheating husband in the first place.

British sociologists interviewed more than 43 thousand women and found that pushing them to divorce., writes The Sun. Women are much more deliberate approach to the decision on the termination of family life, if men. Therefore, the reasons for divorce they often informed, and not spontaneous.

1. Different goals in life

2. Cheating

3. Endless disputes between spouses

4. Lack of sex

5. Mental illness husband

6. The strange actions of her husband (e.g., went to a bar with friends instead of my son’s birthday)

7. Boredom

8. Physical violence

9. The reluctance of her husband to help around the house

10. Money problems

Economic problems occupy the last place in the list, although many men believe that their financial failure is often the cause of divorce.


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