10 rules for a healthy lifestyle

10 правил здорового образа жизни

For any man to be healthy is the main goal of life. Throughout life it is necessary to monitor their body and keep it healthy. It is a healthy person can achieve success in different areas of their lives. How to keep healthy? What you need to do? The experts decided to find the answers to these questions will help a lot to stay healthy longer and to overcome the most serious problems that can disturb the person.

With the aim of preserving and multiplying the health of your body every person must lead a healthy lifestyle. In order to take care of yourself, do not need any supernatural abilities, you must observe just a few rules.

1. Healthy and proper nutrition.

This rule does not mean that you have to throw out the food and immediately go to the store for new “healthy” food or to sit down and count calories in every gram eaten.

Try to eat more simple and healthy food of own preparation, but eliminate from the diet foods, snacks, preservatives, fast food. Concentrate in the diet more attention to vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, try to eat small portions at least five times a day. Go on a proper diet, you can gradually abandoning certain harmful products, looking for replacement include useful products, not to be broken eventually, and get used to eating more healthy foods.

2. Drinking enough water.

In order that the human body is normally carried out all its processes, it is necessary to consume 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day, while the intake of liquid food, tea or coffee, sugary drinks (which is better to exclude) is ignored, i.e. the specified number is only pure non-carbonated water.

By drinking required amount of water the body excretes waste and toxins, which when accumulation negatively affect its functions. If the body does not receive enough water, it leads to rapid aging of a person, but also to the emergence and aggravation of diseases. However, it is important to remember that the exact amount of water needed will differ from person to person, they are all water requirements will be different, it is necessary to define yourself and drink through force is not necessary, it can even be harmful, as excess fluids are also dangerous to the health as a deficit, so it is important to know what your limit is and stick to it, avoiding extremes.

3. Reasonable physical activity.

Many people confuse the two such thing as a “sport” and “exercise”. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is sufficient to perform simple physical exercises or to do what brings pleasure to ride a bike or roller skates, to swim in the pool, play tennis. The main rule when it comes to exercise is regularity, that is to exercise every day or every other day. Classes can be very mild, but regular.

4. The adherence of the day.

The main factor that allows a person to look young and beautiful, is healthy sleep and a proper day regimen based on their personal biological needs. Sleep at least 8-9 hours a day and follow a routine – go to bed, Wake up, eat at the same time.

5. The rejection of bad habits.

Everyone in his life faced with the problem of bad habits, and it’s not just the abuse of alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Bad habits include overeating or stress-related eating, Internet addiction, kofemania and other human actions that negatively affect health.

Actively deal with this problem immediately after its realization, if man alone can not overcome any habit, you need to see a specialist and there is no shame, because health is the main thing in a person’s life.

6. Creating comfort at home and at work.

What kind of environment is directly depends on his mood and health, therefore, to create comfort, it is important to surround yourself with your favorite and comfortable things. If we are talking about working with the house to bring favorite things, for example, a family picture, any statue that will remind you of family and home.

Also, do not forget about the cleanliness and hygiene of premises conduct regular wet cleaning and cross-ventilation to the room was always fresh air.

7. Walks in the fresh air.

An important component of a healthy lifestyle is fresh air, so try to be on the street, and it is best to make Hiking in parks, and at least once a week to get out of town on the water or in the woods.

8. Compliance peace of mind.

The state of the human nervous system directly depends on the state of his health, so try less nervous, do not watch the news or films that evoke negative emotions, do not engage in conflicts and disputes.

9. Regular visits to the doctor.

Prevention you should regularly visit doctors (dentist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, etc.), as the preservation of health depends on timely examination of the expert. How would a person didn’t know your body but a specialist will examine all important organs on a professional level.

10. Creating a “positive image”.

The appearance and behavior of a person also plays a huge role in creating a healthy lifestyle, if to look and behave like a healthy, fit and beautiful people, and this will be. So you need every day to monitor their appearance and behave confidently. Performing a few rules every day, people will soon notice many changes in myself:

1. Keep a correct posture (back straight, chin high).
2. Smile.
3. Dress comfortably and as like.
4. Try to communicate only with nice people.
5. Try not to talk about the illness and negative aspects of life.

Observing only 10 rules, you can easily lead a healthy life, thus to extend the life and preserve the beauty.


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