10 sausages to artisanal quebec

10 saucisses artisanales québécoises

Overflowing of creativity, saucissiers from the four corners of Québec offer sausages, seal, lobster, and even poutine !

Developed according to the principles of artisan, their sausages are made of quality meat, sausage casings natural, and contain no preservatives or filler. Slow cooking over low heat – do not abuse the sausages ! – ensures a tasting successful.

Directly to slaughter from the farm or from the grocery store, they do expect you to be jumping on the barbecue.

Sausage, ham, asparagus and cheese Victor and Berthold, Pig one hundred ways

Made from meat of pigs reared at the farm of Saint-Jacques-de-Montcalm, sausages of Pig cent ways are sold on site as well as the butcher-sandwich shop In the mouth of the wolf, in Montreal. Good taste, fresh pork, fresh herbs and cheese from Lanaudière.

Sausage seal and cranberry, Beef Coast to Coast

Perfect for surprise guests, this sausage to traditional loup-marin is flavored cranberries in the wild. Available in some fish markets, The Sea and Gold Fish, they will blow a fresh wind of the Magdalen islands on your dinners of the summer !

Sausage Minos feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, from Furca

Sausages-gluten free Furca, cooked in Terrebonne, are available in several large grocery stores. Available in different combinations of flavours are original, they are full of fresh ingredients and big chunks of cheese in quebec. To try also, the burgers : a true delight !

Sausage with lobster and the lobster bisque with cognac, cold cuts, Smoked Good

Unlikely, but delicious, this beautiful homage to the crustacean’s married to a pig meat quality. Snails, truffles and foie gras and figs, blue cheese and porto, the surprising and subversive sausages in Smoked of the Good you expect in six shops across the province of Quebec.

Sausage poutine, the Sugar of the Domain

Also juicy, a real poutine, this version includes sausage for this dish which is emblematic. Manufactured at Chertsey, in Lanaudière, all the products of the factory and the Field, highlighting fresh ingredients and meat that is tasty, high quality. Sale on site and online.

Sausage beer Auval and cheese Pied-de-vent, the chef Nicolas

One stop must for your next picnic in the Gaspé peninsula is the counter of the butcher in the Market-Nicolas de Cap-d’espoir. There are sausages exclusive and enticing featuring cheeses, berries and beers from microbreweries in the region.

Sausage, bacon, spinach and caramelized onions of the Holy Sausage

Incorporating herbs and vegetables fresh and local, as well as the meat of pigs raised in the Laurentians, the sacred sausages are hand-made, and hagia Sophia. They are found in six original flavors, available in several grocery stores.

Sausage cheese Le 1608, Deli Charlevoisienne

Manufactured in Baie-Saint-Paul according to artisanal processes, these sausages honor the terroir of Charlevoix, with ingredients like beer, Mad Cow disease, or the cheese of cows canadian 1608. They are found in all IGA.

Sausage Smoke House, The Guy sausage

The good taste of smoke and chipotle, here is the Smoke House of Guys sausage. Little fat and put the taste of the meat in value terms, 60 unique varieties of sausages of the company from the eastern Townships are sold in several grocery stores.

Sausage, confit lemon, honey and pepper, of Philippe Wouters

Finally, to experience the sausage perfect, follow the guide ! The biérologue Philippe Wouters invite you to thrill your taste buds thanks to agreements sausages and beers. On each package of its range of sausages, chips, taste suggest the perfect beer to accompany them. Available in all IGA. Good appetite !

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