10 secrets and mysteries of men. Them every woman should know!

Men do not talk about these secrets, so they will tell you we.

10 секретів і таємниць чоловіків. Їх повинна знати кожна жінка!

It is believed that a woman is very difficult to understand, and it’s true. We are all not so simple, but in men less complicated, and maybe even more!

So next time you wonder why your man does not respond to your message and will try to understand whether you liked the guy that talked earlier, remember that in the male the head, too many things. We offer you 10 secrets about men that you should know:

They also have concerns

Men, like women, have internal fears. Perhaps they are not as obvious as in the case of women, but still they are there.

Men are very experienced in Dating

Traditionally, historically, that men are the initiators of Dating and relationships, so they feel a lot of pressure in this matter.

They really can’t read your thoughts

If your husband asks you what happened, he really wants to know. He may not even know that something goes wrong while you are he cannot say this, because to be absolutely Frank and honest.

They also like compliments

Your husband will really like it if you from time to time to make him compliments. All people want to have beautiful look, so tell him if you think he go his new jeans.

They really don’t care what happens for dinner

If your man offers you to choose where to go for dinner, he don’t really care where to go to eat. Even if he does care, it means that he loves you and wants this evening you have chosen.

Men are “tough nuts”, but waiting for help

Men have a fad: they think that they should know the answers to all the questions and should be able to do everything yourself. However, in reality things are not quite right. Help is needed for those, so don’t be afraid to offer him her (even if it you about it and didn’t ask).

They are afraid to be rejected

Accept failure is difficult for all, so if your man is behaving a little distant, don’t panic: he, like you, guarding your feelings.

They don’t want you to unveiled their secrets

If your man tells you something in confidence, he hopes that you will keep it a secret. If you pass close girlfriends its secrets, then it is regarded as a betrayal. His secrets must stay secrets.

They do compliments from the heart

When I was in high school, my friend told me that I don’t know how to accept compliments, and it’s true. Since then, I’ve thought a lot about it, but now when someone tells me something nice, I usually just respond with a “thank you!”. If a man makes a compliment, he really thinks so and he wants you to believe it.

He wants to make you happy

More than anything, your man wants to make you happy and see the smile on your face. He may make mistakes, but don’t forget that he’s trying.

Now that you are armed with knowledge about 10 “men’s” secrets, you will better understand cause-effect relationships in behaviour and can bring your relationship to a new level.

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