10 secrets to a lasting love relationship

How to be happy in relationships and how to make happy his macho?

10 секретів міцних любовних відносин

Secret # 1. Everyone builds a happy relationship in their own way
Don’t tell me that I never noticed. Surely you at least once thought so, looking at the relationship of some of his friends: “why the Hell are they still together, why after so many years of coexistence they have such happy faces?”.

It is actually very simple and difficult at the same time: these two recognized in each other the person and has created relationships that are based on individual approach towards each other.

Secret # 2. Don’t let strangers in your relationship

Magazines, TV shows, girlfriends, your mom, his mom, grandmother and even a neighbor – all know how to live.

But! No one better than you understands what is happening with you. So mentally drew a circle around yourself and your husband and not let anyone into the space of your love.

Do not count the relationship that the best of intentions have destroyed the mom and girlfriend. Drive them in the bath with all their tips and reviews!

Secret # 3. The path to a successful relationship is not through his stomach
The phrase “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” everyone already stuffed mouth. Many women work hard cooking, hoping to build a relationship based on the fine recipe of the French cuisine … While the recipe for a happy evening is simple: a pack of dumplings, kilogram of cookies, sex without much foreplay and the lack of prospects to find out why today he never confessed to you in love.

Yes, there are men who, without the soup can not imagine family life, but there are others. And it does not matter, they eat prefabricated or a masterpiece from the restaurant menu.

Secret # 4. Relationship to beauty is not to build

“Scarlett o’hara was beautiful …”- with these words began the famous Margaret Mitchell novel “gone with the wind”. And then I followed the secret of female attractiveness of the heroine, which comes down to two things: charisma and charm.

Bet on the beauty in the relationship losing the. There is always someone who lashes longer and a hair thicker.

But this does not mean that you can eat burgers and not to do a manicure. Just in your properly painted eyes must dance to the devil in your “trained body” lurking tenderness and passion in literacy and language – the subtext, the dimples – the trick is in the movement and animal grace.

Just need to love life and yourself in it!

Rule # 5. Relationship not verified by a stamp in the passport
You two live together, and he still has not proposed? The courts soberly: around the world millions are not ready for marriage men proudly marching under Mendelssohn’s March. They have no jobs, they change, don’t want kids in a year guaranteed to leave my wife …

You need a stamp in the passport? It will make stronger and better is that it was not so before the wedding.

Rule # 6. Get out of the relationship sofa
Building relationships, men need to feel sorry, to stroke her fur and not to stick once again with a request to move the furniture? So do it if you don’t want to hang around his weight on the neck!

The point is not to “ride a man to death”, but to push a few unsold from the couch. Men have huge potential: they are always seeking, if not a war, it is football; if not revolution, in the billiard room …

Secret number 7. Patience is not always good for the relationship
Don’t have to suffer from the desire to please or out of fear.

He bites your nipples until it hurts, and you suffer (even if he considers himself a gorgeous lover); he goes out with friends for the whole night, and you are silent (even if he thinks you’re the perfect wife); his mother says horrible things to you, and you smile (and suddenly she’ll use it against you?) …

Do you seriously think that on this Foundation it is possible to build a serious relationship? One day you’ll break down and tell him the truth: “I have never experienced orgasm with you!””I hate your friends!””Your mom just … PI-PI-PI!”…

Rule # 8. Courts about the relationship to yourself
To understand what’s wrong with him “something wrong”, no need to listen at the bathroom door, to open the mail and Stoke in the phone looking for potential lovers.

We are often advised not to respond to the little things, to write off all on bad day, bad mood etc. But everything has a value (the way he looks or no looks, like eating and sleeping). Look closely at his attitude towards you. You should not turn into suspicious of a maniac, but to ignore his “dead look” in the hope that everything will resolve itself, too silly.

Rule # 9. Out overly close relationship!
Subsequently, it begins quietly: he sits on the toilet with a newspaper as you’re shaving your legs; you walk around with a mask on his face, and he farts, do not hesitate …

It’s called being closer to each other. Fuck so close! It kills the romance and sexual attraction.

Secret number 10. The scandalous relationship
People who don’t sort things out, to blow off some steam on the side – go head first into the hobby, get a “replacement” (the mistress and the dog, best friend), drown problems in booze.

Therefore, a good scandal is sometimes necessary to bring relations “in tone”. First, it allows you to release the negative. Secondly, after his usual incredible sex. Third, the scandal is usually associated with a dispute and in a dispute born truth.

Don’t be afraid to show discontent. This is better than later to find out why you still changed it at the new year party.

It is important not to overdo it. Each pair has its own rate of scandals in a month.

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