10 simple and innocent habits that actually harm our health

10 простых и невинных привычек, которые на самом деле вредят нашему здоровью

The duty of every person to take care of your health. For this you simply need to adhere to the most elementary rules of hygiene.

Most of us believe almost a hundred percent that to do it right.

We try every time to wash his hands, drying them in a non-contact dryer and certainly my his Cup after each use.

We are sure that soaking dishes in hot water helps us get rid of germs.

However, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. It turns out that the hand drier contributes to the spread of germs, and soaked in the sink dishes worse than dirty toilet.

In most cases we do not even guess that some of the procedures of hygiene and cleanliness create the opposite effect.

Suggest you figure out which of our everyday and familiar habits can harm our health. Some of them should give up now and immediately.

I’m sure that some lurking dangers you could not even imagine. Don’t do it.

This video will put everything in its place. So next time you decide to wash your hands in a public restroom, it is better to use disposable towels or wipes than to dry their hands electrosource.

Watch the video and remember!

And you know that advertising is often deceiving?

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