10 simple uroku. Yak the way in spavinaw schaslivym

10 простих уроків. Як стати по-справжньому щасливим

Scho b VI not robili, always naydutsya skeptics

Mi VSI progname happy life. I Nikoli not sustra that, hto bisexual saying: “Obonyo bootie nedenim!”. These people no. And if yea, then m need vgcreate Ochi. Life prekrasna. Ale Yogo napolillo PSMA by sobi.

Mi in SMOS to do to help our defenders zi gitty all, what zahodna. If a VI is not live happy, TSE nichogo not to talk about you — TSE, perhaps, lachey swit about those scho your way of Dumka’t yde you on’na koryst.
TSE one s golovnih speeches, Yak I zrozum about happiness. All RC have sprint. Your look on life visnaga vashi Vinci. And your life — is the result of your ucinku.

So Yes, if you want to smyty his povedinka (I my life), just smint sviy see. Axis 10 uroku, that dopomogli meni TSE to do. Spodvigla stink takozh dopomozhut I you.

1Зосередьтеся in fact, chogo you want (not that, chogo not want). “Spadez, I do not savory!”, “Spadez, I don’t vtrace robot!”, “Spodvigla, won mene Keene!”, “Spadez, I don’t vtrace their pennies!”. Prepint concentrates in fact, chogo VI don’t want sacerdotisa on bazanau. TSE dopomozhe you Smythe sviy way of Dumka in the right napramku I palpiti his life.

2Дійте. Mi can just vegetate something. Mi povinn to do TSE. Navti if your meta home pediculati scho peredacha nichogo not are Robit push stroke declick minute, wee all one povinn are Robit TSE. Don’t we have dumate about the good, I wagati scho lachey zavdyaki this smenilsya your life for the better. Always necessary data.

3Проявляйте ntsetup. Mi nestlike pasiun stvorennya scho mene pochine bolti head, if I samiclaus about TSE. Not I catch myself on the fact scho just difluca on something, instead of date dwellers. Yakscho on robot VI bachite scho I vinila foldable situation — strattera. Pocajt butt. Naviglio scho TSE, be the first hto schos zrobit. Not javitasa behind NSA people. Visulite de, propanoate Waranty, try something and show ntsetup. Be Vinaya, not posludio.

4Будьте blow Voronoy. And if VI had something noroute, date nepovtorim own method. Often this means TSE bootie blow Voronoy. Homo in the case of the VI will ldera scho yde used for yurba. Baslc hudojniku and tworca of osobistosti popadatsya in Qiu pastko. The stench uvajaut yourself uncannily, ale naspravdi stink lachey posludio.

5Виходьте s home. Life Wake. I buuut dni, if meni podobala hepatica in their quarter: “That pslo vono all meni potrebna Pererva!”. Ale yakscho vie wants to live schaslivym Getty, VI can’t Kovacica from osogo. Need of vyhodite Nason Hoch bi yakimi Buli obstavini there — rain, sun, pogani people horos people, tisk, zvinuvachennya, joy, bli, praise, criticism and so further. What would there not Bulo, I sale s CIM sustris.

6Кидайте those scho not working (not ale sdavatsa). Scho not so s USA tsimi people, that uvajaut scho VI nichogo not povinn cidate? Rasslabtes. Prepint stavitsa to yourself nestlike seryozno. Dwellers to live happy, VI povinn postijno something cidate. If something is not efektivne, navso namahatta of lamati betonno STO kriti hammer? Just throw Qiu the right. Ale scho would not Wabusaana not salesite match proinovatie STO. Dt I snitt a sledgehammer.

7Залишайтеся have form. Meni podobala zaymatysya box I zmenki edinoborstvami. Yea two tipis borzu. ODN dwellers budgetoffice to battle, otpravlyayutsya in “TBR”. Push stroke three months stink right harchuyutsya, tresults for RSV be called a few more on the day I devletsah to write bow their soperniku. And INSHI in “Tabor” postijnij. Not stink gatautis. The stench always gotov. Gift, naslausky other butt. Always be strong, dwellers priynyati whether call yaky, yaky Keene you life.

8Часто docility. VI can’t Buti postijno vesnarinone 100%. Dwellers Buti have form, you need docility I vanbruntiae. Nhto not trents I not working for 18 hours a day (I’m not vry Tim, hto sterjo zvorune). Your pdhd to dochenku guilty Buti strategicznym: robt nevelik Perelli push stroke of the day I velik push stroke the rock.

9Ігноруйте pesimest. Scho b VI not robili, always naydutsya skeptics. Often them vyyavlyayutsya vashi druzi, Radic ABO navti people Chi squad. Just stink not mozhut nacse. Noroute h vibrava, pesimest — TSE not obov’yazkovo pogani people.

10Нагадуйте sobi about those, chogo you want. Mi zabudowa state. You can are Robit all right msasani and potim raptovo prokinetic z Dumka: “Scho meni are Robit zi gitty to help our defenders!” Vie maєte regularly ngatuvai sobi about those scho for you happiness. Moreover, it is possible AutoCity his people (online or offline), that will ngatuvai you about Viliv the way in it.

Poklewski hand on heart, VI Pogodina scho life schaslivym Getty just. But, as the I blissthe simple speeches, TSE vazhko realspace. Like, if people are saying: “Lain can say, than to do”. In this-the second RC. Thanks scho powderi more evident, gen. All zahodna lain scho skazati, than to do. So scho not oberwies words: die!

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