10 thingies that the man always wants to hear from his beloved

10 приятностей, которые мужчина хочет всегда услышать от любимой

Thought it may be a natural – a man says compliments, and the woman graciously receives them. But dear girls, do not forget that men are people too! And, like all people, they love to hear nice words. Especially to say your beloved how much you admire him, delivers no less joy!

What need to tell my beloved man

1. I respect you

The truth is, to feel respected want. Regardless of gender. But in fact, men need more attention than the show.

“The man wants to know what you can devote yourself exclusively to him that he is your priority, your only interest in life. When do you pay attention only to him, get back a lot,” explains Dr. Eris Huemer known marriage and family therapist.

2. You’re beautiful

This phrase is extremely enhances male confidence. Men love to hear that they look good. Just imagine if every morning before leaving for work someone will remind you how good you look. Yes, the day you will be unstoppable. The knowledge that there is a person who loves and appreciates every inch of your soul and body, incredibly restores self-confidence.

3. Thank you

Thanks for the minor detail that your man does for you, is the most pleasant. Even if there was nobody there, it’s so important not to forget to say “thank you” for all of his slightest actions. No matter, he made coffee exactly as you like, or held the door for you.

Tell him that you appreciate his efforts. And most importantly, check what he did and how you felt. So he knows what he did well, and will repeat it often.

4. I trust you

There is nothing better for man than to feel trust worthy, especially for his beloved. They want to feel that they are able to give your woman a sense of security beside him. They can be a shelter from the rain. To protect from everything. So when you tell them about your trust, especially in moments of their greatest vulnerability, you give their men an infinite amount of hope and courage.

5. I’m on your side

“Find a way to give their partner to understand, without losing a single day that you’re on his side,” says Dr. Shannon Kolakowski, a famous psychologist. You can show off your devotion to supporting your boyfriend. For example, when he feels that he is to the whole world.

Let him know that you approve of what he is passionate about. Show him that you appreciate what he appreciates. This will add a sense of interaction, security, and intimacy in your relationship.

6. Sorry

Whenever you are angry or annoyed so much that you want to make a scene, don’t forget to do the following. Before you explode, leave the room, take a deep breath, drink a glass of water, go back to my favorite and apologize. Remember that forgiveness is necessary only for those things that YOU blame specifically, and for nothing else!

7. You have funny friends

Presence in the lives of your men friends and the people who surround him, for it is critical. Otherwise they would not exist in it at all. Your approval he wished particularly strong, because you are an important part of his life. Your man wants to know that his favorite gets along with people close to him. In addition, spending time together with his friends or family will help to see the other sides of your men.

8. It was delicious

The desire to financially provide for his woman is what defines every man! However, there are specific areas in which they are not always talented. Despite their best intentions. For example, cooking! Be sure to give credit for his efforts, no matter how horrible the taste of the food.

9. You make me happy

Sophie Keller says, “If you don’t wear armor, you will attract the perfect person. Because light attracts light”.

But according to Steve Harvey: “We men will do anything humanly possible to impress you. You are the driving force that makes us get up every morning. We drive luxury cars because of women. We are well dressed, apply Cologne, get haircuts and try to look bright and new. And we do all this for one reason for a woman to be happy.”

10. I’m proud of you

Dr. sue Johnson says, “Men are very sensitive to everything that concerns things. They are afraid to disappoint you. The repetition that he’s better than everyone, has a positive influence on so your beloved man. Men need confirmation that they are perfectly cope with everything.

In most cases, when you ask this man why he was closed, you hear the following. ‘I just didn’t know what to do. It seemed that I can’t do it right, and I just gave up’. Encouragement and recognition similar to vaccination against such condition.” Remember that men, like women, need love and attention.

I hope now you will be much more likely to pamper their beloved men attention and nice words. They are worth it!

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