10 things that will not go out of fashion even in 20 years

The cyclical nature of fashion already acknowledged by all experts in this field.

10 речей, які не вийдуть з моди навіть через 20 років

Stylists and fashion historians argue that no transformation that could change trends now and in the distant future will not be able to exclude from women’s wardrobe some things. And the same will be not only the Foundation, the base of these things, but also functional, and also, oddly, color and appearance, informs Rus.Media.

Here are tips from stylists on compiling a basic wardrobe that is based on those things, which for many years will be at the peak of popularity and style. These things it makes sense to buy a very good quality, they are many years served for the benefit of your elegant image.


Even if the basic style of your wardrobe is far from business, a well tailored suit will always be appropriate.

This is for a number of reasons. The first of these is a great combination with other things organic in different images, which can be easily changed by adding or removing accessories. The second is the versatility of a pants suit, he looks great in a strict office setting, and as evening look.

10 речей, які не вийдуть з моди навіть через 20 років

In addition, the pants and jacket can be worn separately, creating a lot of additional kits. Pants for example, will be the perfect casual ensemble with a slouchy sweater and shoes in sporty style.

White blouse

No matter how varied fashion styles blouses, colours and decorative details, white classic blouse-shirt is always relevant. Moreover, as well as pantsuit, a white blouse is amazingly versatile and has already gone beyond the business image. It goes perfectly with jeans, sports shoes, trousers, sweaters, blazers.

10 речей, які не вийдуть з моди навіть через 20 років

The season has transformed for us the white shirt is oversized which fits into casual, sporty and classic look.

Classic jeans

That it just is not worth saving, so it’s jeans in classic style. If the boyfriend, skinny, Bootcut and other styles will be to climb the heights of Olympus fashion, to slide on its bottom, the classic model of jeans timeless as fashion itself.

If you will not regret the money on a quality brand, select the perfect jeans for your figure, they can be a basic thing in your wardrobe, and 25 and 45 years.

10 речей, які не вийдуть з моди навіть через 20 років

So do not spare money on jeans sturdy, meticulously consider myself in the dressing room and this purchase is completely justified. Especially because today jeans are a unique fit in any way, from romantic to casual. Wear jeans depending on the situation and with the sports shoes and studs. Blue straight-leg jeans – the constant symbol of elegance and style.

Beige trench

Well, well. Not just a trench coat and beige trench coat that is worth the buy if you want to have in the wardrobe thing, which is always the absolute indicator of a perfect style. White spectrum is one of the most neutral, almost never she is never out of fashion and is suitable for everyone.

Classic color trench, by definition, black. However, if to choose between these two schemes, the preference is still better to give beige as the most practical color. Because the black trench coat is something quite luxurious, it with sneakers, for example, don’t wear. Moreover, in casual wear trench coat more comfortable with comfortable shoes to go low, comfortable clothing, jeans. Black trench obliges, beige is appropriate always and everywhere.

10 речей, які не вийдуть з моди навіть через 20 років

One of the classic color schemes for trench – white. However, this thing is as gorgeous as mark and impractical. Over time, white color, unfortunately, can bring you unpleasant surprises, especially if it is the subject of the top of the wardrobe.

As for the gray trench, even though he meets all the requirements of a universal classic for all times, but the choice is really beautiful and always appropriate shades of gray can be very difficult.


The important item is the perfect fashion image is the shoes. And in this respect there is no more universal thing than classic pumps on a comfortable heel.

10 речей, які не вийдуть з моди навіть через 20 років

Never save money on this purchase! Save on anything but not on a Shoe that never goes out of fashion more than a century. Heel height is not important here, choose it, as they say, for themselves, their height, body type, health challenges.

Classic pumps you can wear with an evening dress and go to the theater, or with jeans and go out. In any case, you’ll be irresistible. When selecting shoes, focus on a classic scheme: beige and black, ideally of course to have several pairs in different colors.


Many stylists recommend you to definitely have in the wardrobe of turtleneck. Not only is she very warm and comfortable but also very stylish. Periodically it becomes gastromony thing, but fashion does not go out ever. Turtleneck can be worn anytime and anywhere. No thing would be so easy to combine with skirts, pants, dresses, sundresses. Pair a classic turtleneck and jeans have long been a unique tandem. As for the color, preference should be given to the classical scheme, because we buy things “for centuries”. Therefore, black, beige and gray turtleneck will be a great basic things in your wardrobe.

10 речей, які не вийдуть з моди навіть через 20 років

White t-shirt

Versatility and comfort – it’s just about a t-shirt in white. It is elementary to combine in any way with a skirt, with jeans and with a suit. Choosing a white t-shirt, refrain from too tight jeans, even if you have perfect figure. Always the trend will be more free, direct model. Now, for example, trendy white t-shirt, borrowed from the male wardrobe with a bit of rolled-up sleeves. Wear it with jeans, loaded with front – and you will create a very simple but extremely relevant and beautiful image.

10 речей, які не вийдуть з моди навіть через 20 років

Little black dress

This dress is an absolute trend and a hit for many years. It is clear that it is a must have in the wardrobe of a fashionista who also wants to be very stylish. Who does not know the flour: what to wear, nothing to wear and so on? To solve problems of this kind can only one little black dress.

10 речей, які не вийдуть з моди навіть через 20 років

Any publication would be impressive if you make this choice. It is so versatile and on the red carpet and at the show, and on a date and in the theater will only show the perfect taste of its owner. In addition, accessories that is easy to match to a black dress are able to fully modify.

Buying the little black dresses should be done very carefully and responsibly. High-quality fabric, perfect cut, the perfect fit – a dress must fit you. In any case, do not chase the images of stars and celebrities, you need to find your little black dress.

It’s true that impeccable taste and elegance can be innate qualities and acquired. If you aspire to look not only trendy but also elegant, it is enough to have not very big, but the “right” wardrobe, in which all things of good quality, well sit on you and relevant at all times.