10 things to stop doing to be less go to the doctors

10 вещей, которые стоит перестать делать, чтобы меньше ходить по врачам

To the question, what habits can be called the most harmful, most people will probably answer: Smoking, alcohol, fast food and a sedentary lifestyle. This is true, but there are also completely non-obvious things that harm our body.

If you become difficult to focus, but something you do regularly forget, think about how often you drink coffee on the go. Perhaps the answer lies in this.

1. Drinking beverages from cans

Many people like to drink beverages from cans. Here are just before you do this, it’s nice to imagine how the jar was transported in a dusty truck, where she lay that she dripped and drizzled, and most importantly — how many germs is now at its cap. The downside of this passion can become a rash on the lips or eating disorders. We think it’s because of the Shawarma, but in fact all because of a tin of Cola. Best drunk from a glass, and if not at hand, then at least through a straw.

2. To put the bag on a chair or bed

Upon returning home, the woman usually throws her handbag on a chair or bed. Then change clothes, sorting the shopping, washes his hands and sits on the same place where previously was a bag. And not always dressed, by the way. Such negligence can result in rashes and other unpleasant surprises on the delicate parts of the body. A particular danger in this regard are the leather bags, as their spongy structure provides ideal conditions for growth and reproduction of bacteria.

3. Often wear a tie

American researchers claim that tighten the tie perelavlivaet jugular vein, resulting in increased pressure on the fundus. This can lead to the development of glaucoma and blindness. It was also found that the tie wash is pretty rare, so it collects a lot of bacteria that are carriers of infections. It’s a pretty good reason seldom wear a tie and often send it into the washing machine.

4. Drinking coffee from plastic cups

High-quality and delicious coffee now available for purchase on every corner. In his hands is the long awaited plastic Cup of fragrant drink, and with it the toxic chemical bisphenol a, which negatively affects the growth and repair of body cells, concentration, energy levels and reproductive function. The hotter the drink in a plastic Cup, the more BPA.

To give birth to healthy children and to spend fewer hours in the antenatal clinic, but do not limit yourself in your favorite beverage, get your termokraskoy.

5. Between the salad and the Burger, choose a salad

It is worth noting that the salads are very, very different, and in some cases seemingly healthy dish can be fatter Burger. We are talking primarily about the salad, generously seasoned with mayonnaise and filled with potatoes and pickled vegetables. So if before you is a plate of salad and chicken Burger, I suggest you choose the second option. In good Burger has fresh veggies and real meat with no additives and caloric content it is in the same row with pizza.

So you don’t have to visit a nutritionist, try to consider any dish through the prism of the ingredients that it includes. If the salad has cheese and meat, and fatty sauce, it is much healthier Shawarma?

6. To assume all the housework

American doctors have found that such daily duty, like cleaning the house, causes of high blood pressure. The main harm associated themselves with efforts to restore order, and with concern and anxiety, how to cope with all this, and resentment in the household, if all things fall just on your shoulders.

Before recording themselves in high blood pressure and go to the pharmacy reducing blood pressure with drugs, think how many of your thoughts and worries is dedicated to home chores. This is one way to share family responsibilities equally.

7. To turn to doctor Google

According to medical studies, 80 % of Internet users are trying to diagnose myself independently. The Internet is not the most reliable source of information. Instead of having to go to the doctor, people trying to diagnose their condition and sometimes miss valuable time. And after Google-consultations sometimes people become hypochondriacs and start to believe that the slightest symptom is a sign of very serious disease.

8. Replace sugar with artificial sweeteners

Diet coke has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle. People on a “diet” quite often suffer from obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Researchers believe many sugar substitutes are not less harmful than sugar itself, especially if they have aspartame, saccharin, Sucralose and Acesulfame potassium. Therefore, it is much better to opt for healthy and natural sources of sweets like stevia.

Sweetness of stevia is superior to sucrose for 15 points. Unlike regular sugar, stevia for a long time provides the body with carbohydrates. It is rich in vitamins and microelements, and it’s the most low-calorie natural sweetener.

9. It is wrong to breathe

It turns out that there are at least 25 different types of breathing. Doing most babies but most adults are doing it incorrectly, causing harm to your body. People tend to breathe only in the chest, and this limits the flow of oxygen in the lower part of the lungs.

If the blood isn’t circulating enough oxygen, fats do not burn, which means you will not be able to get rid of excess weight. In addition, the lack of air adversely affects the cardiovascular system. In this case, the decay products of cells burning not fully, the body gets weak the nutrient rich blood in the body gradually accumulate toxins.

Much healthier to breathe through the belly, and between the inhalation and exhalation to do a short pause.

10. It is wrong to use the toilet

Scientists have proven that sitting down is bad, and it is more natural to celebrate a great need in the squat, because it requires less voltage. The result is reduced risk to get to hemorrhoids or diverticulosis.

In a metropolis to follow this advice difficult, but there is an alternative: during a trip to the toilet put your feet on a small bench, so the angle between the torso and hips was about 30°. These stands can be bought in the store, you can also use them instead of normal bench. And get rid of the bad habit to sit on the toilet with your phone — health it will not be added.


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