10 women tricks how to turn the head of the man I love forever, until the end, no options

10 женских хитростей как вскружить голову мужчине и влюбить в себя навсегда, до конца, без вариантов

A woman in any situation should remain a woman
Unfortunately, many of us forget about it. Our main disadvantage is the excessive emotionality, which manifests itself when we’re stressed out. Very often in the heat of anger, we say a lot of words that you later regret when the anger subsides, and do such things very often feel ashamed. Therefore in all situations you need to learn to control myself. If you’ll learn, it’ll be very hard to stand out amid all of his friends.

Become for him a mystery
Do not send your loved tear free if he’s not been heard from in a couple of days. You should not belong to her man 100%. When a man realizes that a woman is completely belongs to him, and he can see her anytime, day or night, then lost all the romance: he can stay at work, meet with friends instead of your Dating life that he even forgets to cancel. And all just because he knows what he should call him and apologize, as you will immediately threw themselves at his feet and forgive him.

Don’t be afraid to lose her man
If you’re afraid that very soon he will play you like a puppet. Show him that you have a lot of options how to spend this evening. And soon the results will not keep you waiting.

Respect yourself
If the choice is between dignity and maintaining relationships, always choose dignity. You must show the man that you are not the doormat that you are not a rag, and the dream of many men. And if he does not understand, then let the rolls on all four sides. You don’t need a man who does not respect you. In a very short time you will find a man who will do you worthy.

Be available
Not agree immediately on a date, for an intimate relationship, even if it begins wildly pounding heart and soften knees. The less you show interest, the more he will get excited.

Don’t be his mommy
Don’t be over-protective. It is no good will not result. Man always needs to feel like a man, and you will probably need a brutal male, and not a doormat, so let him make his own decisions, even if he later repents. But if it is unbearable, then don’t forget the saying: “man is the head, woman the neck”. Send your man, but so that he had no idea.

Do not talk to him with the first meetings about a serious relationship
It will frighten any member of the opposite sex. Pretend that you don’t want them and so does he, even if in his heart when these words begin to scrape the cats.

Radiate confidence
Don’t compare yourself with the other partners. This is stupid. After all, you are likely to be much better them if he left them to you. Think about it.

Be feminine
You need to look feminine and gentle as a rose from “the Little Prince”, then your Prince wants you to protect and preserve as fragile flower. And you just need it! Don’t forget that you should always look for 100%. You always have to be perfect manicure, perfect makeup, neat stylish clothing, flattering and hiding its flaws. Forget about jeans with t-shirts and sweaters. It is comfortable, but men, it did not attract.

Make him compliments
Do not forget to make compliments to the young man. Men Oh how I love. He just will not stand, if you start to whisper in your ear about how wonderful he is, kind, gentle and strong.

And finally: love yourself and will love you. If a woman loves herself and treats herself with dignity, and men will treat her accordingly.

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