$ 100 bonus per week : Québec invites the essential workers in low income to sign up early

In the hope of avoiding an “overload” of its customer service, Revenu Québec invites the essential workers on low incomes to register now in order to get financial assistance of $ 100 per week that is intended for them.

The official start of enrollment in the incentive Program for the retention of essential workers (PIRTE) should begin officially on may 19. It is intended for workers of the sectors considered essential that earn 5000 to $ 28,600 per year, or about 6000 full-time employees and part-time in Quebec.

However, by then, Revenu Québec invites eligible workers to go on his website to create their virtual folder of the application and to update their bank information required for direct deposit. Once this step is completed, no longer will they have to finalize their registration on may 19.

To register, they should provide their social insurance number, their date of birth, and the number of one of the two most recent notice of assessment issued in the last five years.

To note that those who are not able to provide a number of notice of assessment will still be allowed to register by obtaining a temporary access code via sms or automated call, says to Revenu Québec.

Eligible workers should receive quickly a first payment that could reach $ 1,000 as of 27 may. Those who do not will be enrolled in direct deposit will receive payment by check when the program will end in July, indicates Revenu Québec.

In addition, applicants must not have received any amount in respect of the Provision of canadian emergency (PKU) or the temporary assistance Program for workers (PATT COVD-19). Those whose employer receives federal government assistance relating to wages and salaries, however, are eligible.

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