11 November, Turkey will begin the extradition of ISIL militants to Europe

11 ноября Турция начнет экстрадицию боевиков ИГИЛ в Европу

It became known that Turkey will start to extradite November 11, militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” to Europe.

11 ноября Турция начнет экстрадицию боевиков ИГИЛ в Европу

This was announced by the head of the Turkish Ministry of interior Suleyman Soylu, reports lenta.ru with reference to the Agency Anadolu.

According to him, “Turkey is not a hotel in foreign countries on the contents of the terrorists.” The Minister added that the European countries do not want to take the militants, but Ankara is planning to go to the end and return them. “Let them decide what to do next,” he said.

Earlier this week, Soylu warned that Turkey will send the captured militants back to Europe. He also condemned the announced Belgium’s proposal to prosecute over them where they committed crimes.

In the prisons of Syria, contains about 12 thousand suspected militants of the IG. Soylu added that detention in Turkey there are about 1.2 thousand members of the group. A little less than 300 have also been detained during Turkish military operations in the Syrian North.

Western countries have repeatedly expressed concern that during the operation of Ankara in Syria, some of the detainees in Syrian prisons of militants can escape. The US President Donald trump, in turn, called on European countries to return home and to judge the occupied Syrian terrorists.

In March it was reported that Sweden had refused to accept from Syria from 30 to 40 children of Swedish subjects, and in France the state is sued for something it may not bring home the children of jihadists, terrorists who went to Syria and died there.

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