11 things that don’t make smart women after 45 years

11 вещей, которые не делают умные женщины после 45 лет

It is impossible not to agree with the statement that a woman is young at any age. The woman does not age, and that’s a fact – how many songs and various films, poems, sayings about the eternal and unfading female youth. But it needs some work to do! For starters, read this article and find out what they should not do.

11 вещей, которые не делают умные женщины после 45 лет

What not to do Mature, self-sufficient and self-confident woman, which is a little over 45?

1. To save myself

We understand that you have a husband, children, a dog and a house, and a big part of salary goes to the family. We have to save, first and foremost for yourself. Of course, family and friends — it’s all yours and you don’t feel sorry for any money. But! Ladies, you can not live only for others, sometimes you have to please yourself. Each month give yourself one small gift: cute shoes, a blouse, a skirt, or a trip to the beauty salon. We are sure that your family also want to see their mother, wife, sister, beautiful, stylish and happy.

2. To do short haircuts

The main problem of Russian women! Who said that short hair makes you feel younger? Okay, maybe someone she young, but who, on the contrary, harm. Now is the time to experiment with hairstyles: try the caret, and then grow longer hair, repainted in red or make us highlights. Hair is the main decoration of women in any age, why did they immediately cut?

Also, don’t forget about medical treatments for hair: use heat protection and leave-in treatments, do a hydrating mask and regularly go to the hairdresser. With proper care the hair will be your calling card for at least another 20 years.

3. Choose “old” things

Some women suddenly decide, “OK, youth was over, enough to wear skinny jeans and beautiful Tola, it’s time to buy a shapeless grey coat (no, not the trendy oversized coats), dark skirt to the floor and synthetic blouse with some unrealistic weird floral print. Now fashion is not for us, but only for the young girls.”

We sincerely hope that you do not have such thoughts, but if you’re in the mood to buy absolutely absurd and obviously “pensioner” thing, immediately tell yourself: “Stop!” Remember what they say about a woman who turned 45 years?

4. Choose youth too things

Sometimes the opposite situation: start dressing like you just turned twenty with a tail. T-shirts with stupid slogans, mini-skirts, short skorts, tops with an open belly leggings — these things will never make you younger. On the contrary, they emphasize the discrepancy between your age and style.

Teenage clothing in the past is that we need to realize and accept. Believe me, you will look a hundred times better, if you switch to a more restrained (and it doesn’t mean “boring”) and elegant outfits. You can follow all of the fashion (or almost all) of the trends and remain luxurious Mature woman.

5. Not to follow trends

Speaking of trends. Another common mistake women over 45 — do not follow fashion. It is clear that time to read fashion portals and magazines you have virtually no (although you are reading this post?), but despite this, try at least sometimes to flip through the gloss or to go to the sites about fashion and style.

Besides, most trends do not has “age restrictions”. For example, fashionable in this season denim skirt is suitable for any woman? Yes, but in your case it is better to choose a knee length or slightly below. What about the long vest? Of course, it is possible to wear and 15, and 80. Shoes with fringe? Why not. Of course, you do not have to experiment with crop tops and espadrilles thick sole, but I’ll repeat it again: fashion is accessible to everyone.

6. To hide flaws, but to emphasize the dignity

Forget shapeless and baggy clothes. If you think, “I’ll Wear a hoodie and nobody will notice my belly or large hips”, you are greatly mistaken. Shapeless clothes make you look like the bun or a large rectangle. You must be able not only to hide figure flaws, but also emphasize the advantages.

Hide your thighs under the lush MIDI skirts that highlight the waist with thick or thin strap, wear a fitted jackets and blouses with V-necks. Create beautiful silhouettes and showcase an alluring shape. When you cease to wear the “bags” around will notice what you are attractive and charming.

7. Not to wear heels

If even 5 years ago, you ran on 10-inch heels from home to work, from work in kindergarten, from kindergarten to supermarket, from the supermarket back home, and now have decided that heels are uncomfortable, impractical and generally sneakers is a hundred times better, then things are bad.

I agree, wear heels every day to nothing: fortunately, there are cool loafers, brogues, ballet flats, boots, flat shoes, but your wardrobe should have a few cool pairs of shoes with heels. And wear it is desirable not only on major holidays. Choose shoes heel sandal in genuine leather and wear them at least once a week (preferably more often).

8. To buy cheap underwear

We think that any adult woman can afford a good 3-5 sets of underwear. Yes, let them be not 10, not 20, and much smaller, but perfect. The right underwear models and tightens figure. And if you have no available funds for a bra from Victoria’s Secret, look in the shops more affordable, but lower quality brands.

9. Not to learn techniques age make up

Unfortunately, after the age of 40 our skin changes: wrinkles, age spots, it becomes too dry or too oily. Well, if you regularly visit a cosmetologist and fight the signs of aging with modern methods, for example, a trainee or mesotherapy photorejuvenation. But the procedure is not able to instantly turn you into a 20-year-old beauty, so, you need to mask age-related changes with the help of decorative cosmetics.

Consult a professional make-up artist: he will tell you what makeup to use in your age, how to apply, you need to add the skin and that to permanently remove. Learn to make the right makeup will look 10 years younger.

10. Start your body

Imagine a typical case: a woman gave birth to three children, ceased to engage their body and slim figure is not gone. Now the sport for her — only on TV. Help! If you know that this describes yourself, then it is time to think.

We do not persuade you to go on a strict diet, drink only water and to attend classes with crossfit. But start your body, completely forget about the sport — it is a crime against itself. Fitness is movement, health, good mood. Find what you like: swimming pool, water aerobics, Nordic walking, yoga, Zumba, anything! Just two workouts a week — and your toned figure will be the envy of a lazy girlfriend, and in the body will appear such energy that you will be able to move mountains.

11. Forget about health

In continuation of the previous paragraph. To be beautiful and healthy, a woman needs not only exercise, but also time to visit a doctor. Work, kids, savings for yourself — you put off the trip to the hospital to the last, and hidden diseases that you are treating will age you faster than poor diet and lack of exercise.

Take tests, attend physician, dentist, gynecologist at least once a year and remember once and forever: a beautiful woman is a healthy woman.

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