11 tips, which should know before you give your heart to the man

A harmonious relationship between man and woman is the Foundation of happiness. Today we look at the secrets you need to know for sure.

11 порад, про які варто дізнатися перш ніж віддати своє серце чоловікові

The relationship between a man and a woman – one of the Central themes that, one way or another, affects us all. Here some secrets which will allow you to create a happy Union for many years, informs Rus.Media.

If you want to make your relationship strong, healthy and happy, always remember these things:

1. Don’t settle for something that low for you. The woman should get what he deserves. Take into account past mistakes and don’t let they again brought to tears.

2. Don’t give him the whole, and moreover all the best. Don’t let someone dominate your personality. Everyone has flaws, but they need to appreciate and respect no less than their beauty.

3. Place no without a fight. Let around you. The person who will be able to break them, will appreciate you. But don’t let to break down the walls for those people who come into your life only temporarily, not planning to stay forever.

4. Don’t open heart to the moment, unless it’s mutual.

5. Do not pay night, losing sleep, those people who remember about you at this time. This is not love, and the benefits and good conduct time.

6. Don’t waste your most precious resource – time, people who are not willing to give you in return.

7. Don’t require human attention. Someone who wants to be with you, there will be no mutual benefit to give enough time and to watch you smile.

8. Don’t waste my energy on a relationship without a future. Relationships are about stability.

9. Don’t even think that you’ll never fall in love. Love will come – and it’s impossible not to notice. To force yourself to love someone – is meaningless.

10. Put away all doubt, with you. You know how to love, so have every right to be loved. Be sure to watch for the sincerity of other people’s feelings – you don’t have to surround even the slightest lie.

11. Come on in a hurry. Stop to agree to the relationship “like a good idea”. Your happiness has the right to be perfect and flawless. To settle for less means losing future the opportunity to experience real happiness.