12 available and harmless ways to set the mood

12 доступных и безвредных способов поднятия настроения

If you try to adhere to positive thinking, which helps to achieve the dreams and leads to abundance in all areas of life, particularly unpleasant moments, when from external causes spoil the mood. Do not have to spend a lot of time and money to return to positive. It is necessary to know simple ways how to lighten the mood.

How to cheer up quickly and efficiently

Homemade ways to lighten the mood are not worse than the work of a therapist. These methods are always available. If you do not know how to cheer up yourself quickly, follow the recommended tips.

  • During hygienic procedures do not limit yourself to a simple wash. Wait an extra five minutes under the hot jets of water, this will help relax the muscles and clear the mind;
  • Chat with a friend or nice person. Sometimes it is enough to exchange a few messages in the messenger, and a sense of isolation from the world will take place;
  • Do some breathing exercises. The saturation of blood with oxygen will help relieve tension, help to relieve headache;
  • Spend an aromatherapy session. The smell of citrus, lemon and Basil decrease stress hormone levels;
  • Listen to meditation music. It relaxes the body and calms the brain;
  • Dance. Even if you think that you can not. Dance promotes the release of endorphins;
  • Consider nature photos or see a motivational image, and you take in the atmosphere of peace and happiness;
  • Smile at yourself in the mirror, and let it not seem to you a silly exercise.
  • Smile launches a feedback mechanism. Smile good mood;
  • Say a positive word forms. They have hypnotisim action and rebuild your brain on a positive wave;
  • Place your order in the room. Literally a five minute procedure designed to release the excess and wipe the dust, give a sense of organization;
  • Always uplifting exit to the street. Even in cloudy weather, fresh air and movement help raise the mood;
  • Hug a loved one. If you are home alone, go with a cat. The arms contribute to the production of oxytocin, the hormone of love.

Simple ways how to lighten the mood, when it is at zero at any time, each of you.

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