12 things you should not ask forgiveness

12 вещей, за которые не стоит просить прощения

Remember one truth: you don’t owe anyone anything. And even more to ask forgiveness for it. And here’s 12 arguments you can convince.

The feeling that some people junk is nothing in this world except how to throw criticism around. It’s even similar to the meaning of their existence.

But you don’t have to give them the will to control your life.

You don’t have someone to explain something to prove, and even more excuses.

And even if despite the surrounding confusion, you feel free and happy, and it is not necessary to change anything.

Thing is that your beliefs are not contradicted by your actions. Others do not have the right to tell you what to do. They will never be in your place and not for them to decide what to do.

So, for what things you should not apologize?

1. Their interests in the first place.

It so happened that the human desire to satisfy his own values today considered to be selfishness. But why? After all, we just want to be happy!

2. The way to own dream.

If you know that your dream requires a change of scenery, don’t apologize for it. And to not care what others think.

3. Time for their own interests.

We do so much for others, which completely forget about their own needs. Don’t want to do. If we can’t satisfy myself, how are we satisfy others?

4. The people with whom you like to communicate.

You are not obliged to break off all contacts with some person just because your friend and him were fighting recently. If you like communicating with this person, it is not necessary to interrupt him.

5. The expression of emotions.

Emotions are a natural and important part of a person. And let our society forces us to hide them. No need to apologize for their expression.

6. Way to earn money.

Each earns his living as he can. If you like your job and salary, and no matter what she thinks a neighbor aunt Zina.

7. Optimism.

If you believe that all must be well, and continue to believe it. Do not hesitate, because to be optimistic is incredibly cool!

8. Past.

We all make mistakes. No human with the perfect life. Don’t be ashamed of the past. The main thing is that now and what will happen in the future.

9. Food.

If you like to eat after six, eat after six. If you like belyashi with station — eat them. No matter how it will react to others.

10. The desire to achieve something greater.

It is normal when a person strives for the best. Don’t apologize just because someone is in place, and you do not wish to stay with them.

11. To swim against the current.

It is normal when you have your own opinion. Don’t be afraid to go against everyone. Act as you consider necessary.

12. Having their own opinions.

Should not be silent just because someone doesn’t like your idea. That is your opinion, and it has a right to exist.

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