12 types of losers, and how to recognize them before it’s too late

Sometimes to find a good guy is like finding a needle in a haystack — it seems almost impossible. But it’s not. Just need to learn to recognize the losers, not to spend their time and energy.

12 типів лузерів, і як їх розпізнати, поки не пізно

And here are a few tips, reports Rus.Media.

1. The one who ignores you when you write or call

On that note: its communicative habits. From the very beginning it must be time to return your calls and messages. If he makes you wait, and maybe even completely ignores, break up with him. Nothing good will come from those who can’t press a couple of buttons to reply to you.

2. Traitor.

On that note: his level of selfishness and ethics. Traitors are weak creatures with low morale. He has needs, but not the principles. You need an honest guy who plays by the rules, not spineless selfish.

3. The one who does not know how to cope with conflicts.

What to pay attention: his temperament. Nestoris if it easily breaks or just doesn’t want to discuss anything. A good guy will be interested in your feelings, listens to you and seek to resolve the conflict.

4. The one with the bad manners or no romance.

What to pay attention: he pays attention to detail. Grand gestures are great, but are of great importance and detail, and sometimes they distinguish a good relationship from a bad one. If you’re with a guy who is not romantic and not even a gentleman, you know, it’s cute when a guy opens the door on you, inviting you for a romantic date or says something nice for no reason.

5. Undefined type.

On that note sequence. He is selfish and manipulative: he pretends that he wants you when he’s bored, lonely or excited, and goes missing when he nothing from you. If it is not consistent in their words and deeds, if your relationship is not growing, it’s not worth your time, no matter how attractive he was.

6. Bummer.

What to pay attention to how fast he ceases to strive. All eventually start to be lazy in the relationship. But how long will it take him? And how big difference in the effort for you? If he stops trying as soon as will have you, soon it all will not be for you to do anything.

7. The one whose life is in complete disarray.

On that note: how he builds his career. Usually work and professional activities is a priority for men. And if he has no permanent job or even of occupation, so perhaps he is as uncertain and in other areas of life.

8. One that is more important than his job than you.

What to pay attention to the balance of interests. Yes, he needs a job that brings income and affects his self-esteem. But let’s not exaggerate: a workaholic with a normal relationship can not be built. If he wants to be with you, he should find time for you. You deserve it.

9. Drunk.

On that note: restraint. Alcohol can ease the tension and cheer. Only if you know when to stop, before it becomes is not fun. If he is not able to control myself in drinking (gets drunk often and cannot get through the day without alcohol), you need to go. This situation will only deteriorate.

10. One who is not ready for anything serious.

What to pay attention to: the development of relations. When people truly feel each other, their relationship developed gradually reaching a family.

11. Unsure of type.

What to pay attention: his need for attention. We all know that men have fragile egos. But for some it is a real problem. If it scares your success, if he belittles your accomplishments, or if they’re trying to prove something to someone, flirting with others, he is not human, he is a boy.

12. Cheapest type.

On that note: his level of generosity. He paid for your date? He doesn’t have to be rich or all the time to pay for everything, but first he must want to show you what he can and wants to provide you.

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