12 ways to get rid of insomnia without medication suggest that experienced therapists

12 способов избавиться от бессонницы без лекарств: что советуют опытные психотерапевты

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep problems. It is exhausting and robs a man of strength, worsening his health. But we don’t have to put up with it! Simple changes in your lifestyle and daily habits can put an end to our sleepless nights. Proof of this is the story of a girl named Beth, with whom we offer you to see.

The story of a girl named Beth

Beth recently it was hard to concentrate on work, I had to strain the memory. She complained of the constant mood swings, his temper, slowness in decision-making, a weakness for sweets and coffee. Over the past few months a couple of times she got into a small accident. These strange symptoms she was not able to relate.

Beth decided to go to the doctor. After passing several tests the doctor concluded that no health problems she is not, and advised her to consult a psychotherapist. During the first consultation, the therapist asked about the quality of her sleep. Beth admitted that she has several years of suffering from insomnia. Sometimes she can’t sleep, and sometimes during the night wakes up a few times. The doctor prescribed her sleeping pills, which, as it turned out, it did not help.

Therefore, the therapist proposed an alternative method for the treatment of her insomnia. Cognitive behavioral therapy has proven highly effective in the treatment of insomnia compared to medications. Beth was willing to try this approach.

This is what the therapist recommended bet:

  1. Minimize negative thoughts. Beth would say to herself “I’ll never be able to sleep, My sleep will not be long”. Such statements operate as self-fulfilling prophecy. And the more you repeat them, the higher the probability that it will happen.
  2. Maximize the number of positive thoughts. Replace negative thoughts with positive. For example, “I’m going to sleep as much as I want”, “I’ll sleep all night.” Beth has written several statements that she is going to speak every day as part of their training to sleep.
  3. Determine the duration of your sleep. Each has its own norm of sleep. In the family of Beth, her family sleep duration about 6 hours. She confirmed that she also had enough of this time to sleep well.
  4. Install permanent time frame to sleep. The therapist found out that Beth goes to bed at different times. Also she gets up at different times. Knowing that she needs to sleep at least 6 hours, she agreed to go to bed at 23.00 and had to get up about 5 o’clock in the morning.
  5. No day-dream. Before Beth, when day was returning home, he loved to take a NAP. Sometimes it was delayed for a few hours, then inevitably affect the quality of nighttime sleep. But, nevertheless, she continued to sleep during the day. Beth agreed to give up this habit.
  6. The situation in the bedroom should have to sleep. In the bedroom Beth had arranged a small office with a computer and a TV. And every time you walk into the bedroom, she started to think about work instead of sleeping. This made it difficult to fall asleep. So Beth have moved my work area into the living room.
  7. In the bedroom, minimize the number of electronic devices. Before Beth before going to sleep watched TV or played games on his ipad. It is believed that this is a good way to relax before bed. In fact, she was excited that subsequently interfered with her sleep. She agreed to stop using electronic devices 30 minutes before bedtime.
  8. Don’t get hung up on any thoughts. One of the reasons that prevented Beth fast asleep, was her thoughts on upcoming cases. Instead of the usual compose a list prior to going to bed Beth made it 2 hours before. This allowed her to think about the time and order of their execution, thereby not disturbing the night’s rest.
  9. Do not exercise before bedtime. Beth often in the evening doing exercises, taking the time to sleep. This contributed to increasing the level of adrenaline in the blood, making it difficult to fall asleep. Beth changed his workouts and moved it to the morning.
  10. Don’t eat before bedtime. In the family of bet is very popular for late dinner. Beth advised that her last meal was no later than 2 hours before bedtime. If she felt hungry, she allowed a light meal, but not flour.
  11. Limit alcohol. To expedite the falling asleep Beth drinking alcohol. However, this is a bad decision, because alcohol degrades sleep quality. Beth agreed to limit the amount of alcohol to one small portion.
  12. Preparation for sleep. We remember how in the childhood bedtime parents bathed us as we read stories, we listened to relaxing music. But most adults seem to have lost this good habit. Beth decided to return to this habit: do light stretching, yoga, drink a Cup of chamomile tea, take a bath, read a light book (but not on your ipad), perform breathing exercises.

Adhering to these new rules, Beth few weeks saw that her dream has become stronger without the use of drugs. Her insomnia disappeared, improved memory and mood, and accidents in the past.

I hope that these recommendations will help you, and you will no longer be a question as to sleep and get up in the morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you are tired of fighting with insomnia on their own, should consult a specialist.

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