12-year-old American spoke in detail about the meeting with the alien

Eyewitness from Oregon shared detailed evidence.

This message was posted on the website, which collects testimony about sightings in USA, UFO and aliens. A witness is a 12-year-old girl, a resident of the city Silec, Oregon, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on Paranormal news.

“It was the evening of 6 June 2018, our family (mom, her friend, the girl herself and her younger sister) went to 5 miles from the city to the mountains. We wanted to find the tree from which it was possible to make a bow. Mum’s friend noticed the trees that would be perfect for bows and we started to cut them from suitable branches.

The figure seen of the stranger, drawn by the descriptions of the girls

Then we went home down the mountain and on the way saw the broken alder, stopped and decided to take with her branches for firewood. And then I heard a strange buzzing and at first thought it was a junk motor in the car. But then the corner of my eye I noticed a strange thing, the strangest thing I’ve seen in my life.

It was a man with a height of 4-5 feet (120-150 cm), standing approximately 100-120 ft (30-36 m) ahead of us. His skin was pale gray and was so thin that even at a distance seemed almost transparent. He was very skinny and it was the first time I saw this creature. I watched it for about 10 seconds.

When I made eye contact with him, all around was silent. Even the birds stopped chirping, all was quiet. Then he ran away. I told him about the man my mother and her friend and they said “OK, let’s see what will happen next.” Then I saw that the creature was still there, I thought it ran, but it was watching us from behind the old tree.

Then I told her “Hey, I can see it again!” and we went to that side and began to look out for, and he hid somewhere. But then I saw it for the third time. He moved so fast that it was impossible to follow. Incredibly fast.

Near the site of the first observations we found a fur, reminiscent of rabbit fur. It was black fur with a brown tint and it smelled very bad, or rather smelled! Then we searched for the creature’s trail and thought that it was too dry that it could stay at least some prints. Then decided to go home.”


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