120 participants, 600 km journey in Moscow started the Bicycle race “Five rings”



In Moscow started the international Bicycle race “Five rings”. It is the largest in Russia competitions on road bikes, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Olga Zhemchugova.

“Five rings” – is a Moscow “Tour de France”. 120 participants, 22 teams, seven of which are foreign, 600 miles and five days of competition.

The race lasts about three hours, despite the fact that distance is a little less than four kilometers. The fact that the start and finish for each athlete is individual.

The first route along the Rowing canal in Krylatskoye, then Gory, New Moscow, Luzhnetskaya embankment and the Garden ring. For all distances specially selected roads with the most smooth surface, which require road bikes.

“Here the wheel is thinner, it is done to ensure that the resistance was lower and it was possible to develop greater speed,” said member of the race jury Lewishon.

The bikes also have their own requirements. The shell should weigh at least 6 kilos 700 grams. It weighed right at the start.

“Using only traditional road bikes, which can use a disc wheel and lengthening the nozzle,” – said the participant of the race.

This year the race celebrates 99 years. It is considered the “successor” of the races on the garden ring, which were first held in Moscow in 1920.

“You can see pictures of Budenny, blessing the riders to start”, – said the head of the Cycling Federation Vyacheslav Ekimov.

First places will go to those who will overcome all the total distance in the least time. Reward the winners of each individual stage. The total prize Fund for the race is 20 thousand euros 210. To follow the contest right on the streets of Moscow – from 2 to 5 may. However, only on the sidewalks. At the time of the competition in these areas, even block the movement.