13 Feb – Not angry evil: how on a cold day can be very hot

On this day prayed to Nikita, who protects people from fire and lightning.

13 лютого - Не сердіть нечисть: як у морозний день, може бути дуже гаряче

On this day, February 13, the Church celebrates the feast day of St. Nikita. He not only preached Christianity, but he lived modestly, constantly prayed for others, made a large number of good deeds. Was canonized in 1547, reports Rus.Media.

Farmers festival was celebrated in different ways. Nikita considered not only Holy, but, according to old customs, and the protector of fire. Prayed to him about protection from fireballs.

If this day happens to be a fire, it is believed that this is the machinations of fiery demons and wizards. According to legend, the evil spirits fighting 13 Feb Nikita. But the people themselves are additionally searched for him a “helper” – found healers who spoke fire. Fire Nikita – a sign that the family was wrekly. The evening of February 13 it was impossible to get out of the house can jinx it.

Folk omens on 13 Feb:

If the person was born on February 13, you will love the art.

By day you can see the frost by night the snow will not be

The fire in the furnace 13 Feb burning red flames – wait for frost. White fire sign that will thaw and early spring

Clear night February 13 – tomorrow will be a Sunny day

Sparrows insulated nests – will be cold

Crows shout loudly – a sign of what will be a Blizzard or snow storm

Poorly fired oven and wood burning don’t want – wait for heat

13 Feb thrust in the oven – wait for the wet weather. Strong desire, on the contrary, heralds the storm

In the sun visible circles on February 13 – will be a good year

If buildings stagger 13 Feb – they the devil rides.

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