13 rules, how to increase women’s self esteem

13 правил, как повысить женскую самооценку

Hope you’re a good girl and has already learned to say “No!” vulgar suggestions. But today we talk not only about sex, but about your behavior in General that you properly disposed of, not only his body but also the senses, and time, and life. Sometimes the girls give them out right and left, and then get offended, for nothing in return. No love, no attention.

Do they really hope that someone will “pave their path with rose petals and kiss the sand on which you went“ only out of a sense of gratitude? Time to grow up! Fall in love not out of a sense of gratitude or pity. Fall in love with personality! Love special and confident!

That’s how people don’t appreciate what is given to them easily. The more you try to please everyone (and then yourself), the less valuable you feel. In my professional experience I can judge that a lot of girls are deeply insecure.

The best way is to start behaving like a confident girl, and, as promised, psychologists, very soon, your inner world, too, will rebuild under a new behavioral model. The English proverb says ”Fake it till you make it” (Fake it until you become). Well, JUST DO IT!

And now the magic female “NOT-rules that will help you become more confident and to increase its value in His eyes.

1. Don’T be afraid

….to hurt, not like to lose, and so on.

Fear is a bad ally! It blocks the ability to soberly assess the situation. It was under his influence, people make rash decisions. Or nothing to do, sometimes even worse.

Stop suffering! If you constantly have to put up with something in the relationship, and you’re afraid of “ruin”, most likely, it’s a love addiction not love.

Take only what really works!

13 правил, как повысить женскую самооценку

2. Don’T try

The more I tried the more tense. The more uncomfortable situation. Relationships should develop naturally and easily. Remember, all my life “on Pointe with white bow” does not stand for.

No need to look better than you are because you already know that you’re the best!

Do not invest in the relationship more than He is: time, effort, emotions. Better “untill…” rather than “the feather…”!

In the psychological classic “the triangle of Karpman” “rescuers” usually they try everything to cause good and cause irreparable benefit from internal desire to feel own superiority over those for whom he tries.

3. Cheer up

Don’T dwell on the relationship, let your mood depends only on you. The world is beautiful and diverse!

So it is not converged wedge white light, you need Hobbies, friends and fans. Good relationships with others allow a woman to feel successful and more confident.

I believe that any task, if approached with optimism and a positive attitude, can be performed.
Hillary Clinton

4. Don’T cling to relationships

When one clings to the other breaks free. It’s the law!

5. NO hope

To live with illusions and empty hopes is a luxury for reasonable girls. Have the courage to see the real facts and build positive Outlook about the present and the future based on the actions of men, and not their own emotional desires or conjecture. You need not hope, but know that everything will be fine!

13 правил, как повысить женскую самооценку

6. Don’T be jealous

Jealousy – the word “Roar”, an ugly, unwanted feeling to confident women, biologically and naturally bigger men (instinct of protection of territory).

And it is a secondary emotion. It is based on Envy + Anger. Jealous of what? What angry? Or change yourself or partner!

Don’t control, don’t keep accountable. Give the illusion of freedom! The attempt to control, a man is considered as an attempt of domination. And to be “weak“ in his eyes you favorably!

Do NOT seek to find relationships, love. Why? Because you are sure he likes you! Give up the competition. You’re outside of it! You’re the best! Act like it!

7. Don’T hesitate to ask

… nice gifts, confessions, actions and so on. Do not deprive man of the pleasure to be a conqueror and to feel desired.

8. NOT to prove

If you want to prove something, you prove nothing!

In a dispute there are no winners, subjectively, everyone is right. The “loser” will always remember the bad feeling from losing, but at the same time and communicating with you.

Try to find out and understand the position of the other, not “tear my bra”, proving his innocence. Give up the fight for his innocence. You already know that it is so! Just calmly explain your position. Once. You don’t seek approval – you’re confident!

9. Don’T tell

Educate! Feel the difference?

13 правил, как повысить женскую самооценку

10. NO offense

To act up you can (sometimes, as a game). You should not be offended, because offended, as the saying goes, “water carry”. And this is the best)))

Instead of “Obidos” and the accumulation of all psychological garbage and complexes – learn from talking about their feelings towards his actions (no need to generalize and get personal). Specific and to the point. After all, the unspoken resentment eventually ruin relationships.

Don’t be offended, and draw conclusions and do as you want, guided by their decisions. So do women with dignity.

In the store:
— Sorry, you did not bring change…
— Forgive!

11. NOT show initiative

Be active. And leave the initiative to the man.

I am often asked what is the difference between activity and initiative? Explain with an example: invite to a restaurant or a date is initiative. But to push the idea to provoke the man’s act (for example, to say that I want to go to an Italian restaurant) is active.

Who should be more? You or him? Remember, women’s initiative kills relationships.

12. Don’T pretend

In the relationship loses the replay. Be yourself! Don’t pretend, and play. Easy and beautiful!

13. NO worries!

Don’t strive to get “all at once “ – to make changes in your life gradually. Remember, “water wears away the stone not by force but by frequency of falling”.

To change in a couple of days – an impossible task, but to feel a little different, a little better yourself day by day, you can even today.

Start today to believe that you’re a woman worthy of the best because YOU’re the BEST, not one of the best! You are worthy of Love and Happiness! Always remember this!

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