14 February – international book giving day

The celebration of international book giving day is celebrated on February 14 in different countries since 2012. In this day it is absolutely free to give books to children.

14 лютого - Міжнародний день дарування книг

On this day, besides the beautiful feelings and a Catholic Saint, revered and even books. Holiday February 14th, international book giving day, dedicated to the last, focuses public attention on the book as the best gift in the world, informs Rus.Media.

The celebration of international book giving day is celebrated on February 14 in different countries since 2012. The initiator of its creation became a citizen of the States of the Emmy award-winning Broadmoor. She is the author of children’s books at home, in the United States. In addition, Amy – mother of many children. One day, one of her three sons asked Amy why the calendar is missing the day appointed for the unselfish donation of books to each other? Thanks to the children’s curiosity in the mind of Emmy and had the idea of creating a festival, which now all know as the international book giving day.

The first initiative of the mothers of large families was supported by her friends, bloggers, friends on social networks, employees, business partners. Later, the unusual idea was picked up by the residents of different States, and it is quite quickly spread around the world. Resulting from the joint efforts of the international book giving day has become a holiday for all who can and loves to read to expand your horizons, to travel through universes invented by talented writers.

This festive frosty day, the feastday February 14, taken absolutely free of charge to give books to children. First, because not every child has a home, thanks to the parents, a good library, and second, books help children to develop qualities such as compassion, kindness, ability to help those who are in trouble and other troubles, allowing the little man to eventually become a Human with a capital letter.

However, for adults the international book giving day is also very important. Still a lot of people, despite consumer and materialistic trends in modern society, refers to the book as a source of spiritual values.

Due to the holiday, they can find like-minded people, and to show an act of goodwill, giving to someone who needs it, the opportunity to read an interesting piece.