14 reasons to buy baby powder even if you have no children

14 причин купить детскую присыпку, даже если у вас нет детей

Believe it or not but baby powder can save the lion’s share of situations.

It will save you a lot of space in the purse and a pretty decent amount of money. In some cases, the savings applies to health. In short, this is the kind of thing that, if addictive, it does not come off. Although, like me, benefit from it so much that it make sense to look for a replacement, no!

1. Dry shampoo

Angie even uses baby powder to quickly refresh hair. She really has the effect of the dry shampoo and will be indispensable when there is no time for shampooing.

2. Primer

Not necessary to buy a makeup base to tone formed as needed. A thin layer of baby powder will do the job better than liquid counterparts.

3. The porcelain face

In order to finish the makeup and that face is not shining, does not need to buy a mattifying powder. Fit and ordinary baby powder.

4. Lush lashes

With a brush sprinkle talcum powder on the lashes, then apply the first layer. When the ink dries a bit, apply the next layer of talcum powder and mascara.

5. Perfect eyebrows

Apply with a brush a small amount of powder on your eyebrows before makeup, and then work through with a pencil. So they will be thicker and bulkier.

6. Waxing

As diabetes and waxing for good adhesion of the skin, apply the powder before the procedure. By the way, the skin is so injured will be much less.

7. Long lasting lipstick

That lipstick is not smeared, powder the lips with baby powder and blot with a tissue. A thin layer it will not be visible, but protects your makeup.

8. After shaving

Affordable care after shaving legs: first apply a moisturizer, and when it will be absorbed, treat the feet with talc. The skin becomes perfect!

9. Scratches and cuts

These annoying abrasions healed up faster and they did not get the infection, too it is possible to use a baby sending.

10. Special area

The skin between the toes often rubbed when walking. Especially when wearing a skirt without tights. But it is necessary to spread baby powder on inner thighs, how this problem will be solved.

11. From rubs

To shoes do not hurt, take this and sprinkle talcum powder on the inner part of the Shoe. Blisters no longer!

12. Sweaty shoes

Before training in the gym, sprinkle a little baby powder in the sports shoes and socks. More unpleasant musty odors bother you will not.

13. Cold sheets

It turns out that if you lightly sprinkle talcum powder linens, in the summer it will remain cool even without air conditioning.

14. On the beach

Before going to the beach, be sure to toss in a bag of baby powder. Treat her feet and the sand will not stick to them.

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