14 thousand cases per week: statistics on flu and ORVI in region

14 тысяч заболевших за неделю: статистика по гриппу и ОРВИ в области

So, for help to the doctors last week turned 14 568 residents. If compared to the previous week, the incidence increased by 1.2%. In this case, the situation is still under control. These indicators 24% below the epidemic threshold. It is also noted that they are lower by 16.7% than in the same period last year.

Most ill people in the’nohirs’k, Nikopol, Novomoskovsk and Nikopol and Sinelnikovskoye areas. It is noted that among all patients, 67% are children under 18 years of age.

As for comparisons with the indicators of the previous week, the number of hospitalized persons increased by 20%. All in all, this week in the hospital brought the 389 citizens because of the flu or ORVI and their complications. Of these, 326 children.

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