15 elegant and stylish ways to spice up your look with a scarf

15 элегантных и стильных способов разнообразить свой образ при помощи платка

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. What a pleasure to observe how nature slowly wakes up after hibernation, everything starts to turn green and bloom .

The warm days were not so much. Every woman would just love to put my warm clothes. And to replace her will come beautiful coats, coats and jackets.

But what if you are tired of the monotonous spring coat or raincoat, and buying new things is not provided in your budget? Use the one simple trick often used in such cases — get bright, beautiful shawl or scarf

You will not believe, but this small accessory can dramatically change the whole image.

You can tie it on the neck and the head. It looks very bold and beautiful.

A couple of minutes — and a new image is created!

However, do not just wind a scarf around the neck. It looks boring and monotonous. Try to tie a scarf as something special. Use your imagination.

And if you in a head did not come, you can use the tips from this video.

15 flawless options of tying a scarf that will not only give your image of freshness, but also make it stylish.

Get your shawls and scarves of different colors and you will be able to change their way

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