$ 15 Million to house people along the tramway to Quebec

15 M$ pour loger des gens le long du tramway à Québec

The City of Quebec is injecting$ 15 Million for the purchase of land along the route of the tram for social housing.

The mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume, announced on Friday that it is accelerating its vision of the home by unlocking$ 15 Million immediately for the purchase of land to build social housing along the network structure.

The City had already announced$ 20 Million in march, during the presentation of the Vision, of the sums it had to spend over five years, at the rate of $ 4 million per year. On Friday, however, the executive committee has agreed to unblock$ 15 Million now and the last three years.

“We took the decision to accelerate the things so that we can build as early as possible”, said Mr. Labeaume. In the context of uncertainty for the middle of the construction, the City wants to “take a place where the private will be absent in the coming months”.

Without wanting to indicate what lands are focused along the tram route, or how the are, however, it was indicated that the land will be used to build social housing. The objective is to counter a certain “gentrification” that could be installed in the edge of the network structuring.

“It is necessary to ensure that those who have less money in their pockets can stay properly.” Because the problem is always the accessibility of the land, should be the mayor.

The administration Labeaume has also always head to allow for the “housing accessories”, mini-houses in back yard. Already, six companies of Quebec have been met in order to provide local products.
The Vision of the home provides for the construction of 5,000 units within five years.

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