15 people including 2 Americans arrested for attempt at”invasion”

15 personnes dont 2 Américains arrêtés pour tentative d’«invasion»

Fifteen people, including two Americans, were arrested in two days for a botched attempt to”invasion” by sea to Venezuela, said on Monday the country’s president Nicolas Maduro.

On the public channel VTV, Maduro presented the two Americans arrested as “safety members” of the president of the United States Donald Trump.

The venezuelan president showed the passports of the two suspects, described as being Luke Denman, 34 years old, and Airan Berry, 41 years of age.

Earlier Monday, the prosecutor’s office of venezuela, had accused the opposition leader Juan Guaido to have recruited “mercenaries” with funds from the oil country blocked by us sanctions, to foment an attempt at”invasion” marine of the country.

This attempt at”invasion” suspected comes a little over a year after the call for the uprising of the army launched by Juan Guaido. On April 30, 2019, he had, in vain, attempted to induce the barracks to rebel against the”usurper” Nicolas Maduro.

The power chaviste lags since regularly Juan Guaido to be involved in “conspiracies” against the socialist president, with the help of the British and the United States.

Nicolas Maduro continues to enjoy the support of the state major of the army, cornerstone of the political system of venezuela, but also China, Russia and Cuba.

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