15 piastres for a slush and a battle

15 piastres for a slush and a battle

For or against the abolition of fights in junior hockey? To drop the question is to drop the gloves. Endless debate will never achieve consensus.

Personally, I am for it. A 16-17 year old kid who thinks for hours on the bus about how he is going to get his job while poking his nose at an 18-19-20 year old adult makes no sense. Doing that in the street, you end up in jail. Doing this on ice, you end up a millionaire. This greed is abject, but since Gary's big league turns a deaf ear …

Positive point to be drawn from COVID, the leverage held by the Minister for Education, Isabelle Charest, in the face of the quest of the QMJHL teams, whose survival is in some cases threatened due to the losses caused by the holding of their closed-door activities.

Unbelievable, but true, eight governors out of 18 voted against the very slight tightening of sanctions in the event of a fight. Ten minutes of misbehaving added to the five minutes for fighting and a suspension in the sixth fight in the same season rather than the 11th.

In the past four years, on only four occasions, a player has fought more than five times in a single season. Last year, the league punished for fighting on just 124 occasions. There is natural attrition, but the minister wants more than that. In his place, I would do the same.

Four Quebec clubs against

Thus, four of the 12 teams from Quebec are against the project. The minister reacted badly to the verdict. She wrote to the 12 Quebec owners of the circuit. She sticks to her positions. It seems that next week's vote on the same issue will be unanimous …

Gilles Courteau nevertheless misses in this file an excellent opportunity to mark the step of the three Canadian junior leagues, the only circuits of development in the world to still allow the fights.

Why ? Recalcitrant clubs do not say it enough. To continue selling tickets . These same teams that pride themselves on training the citizens of tomorrow, aware that 98% of their players will eventually need a job outside an ice rink to find accommodation and food.

The supporters of the cons brought “hockey” arguments to justify their position. Bullshit!

Surprisingly, the four Quebec groups who voted against the project in the first instance are among those who need the government's emergency aid the most.

Cry for help

Gatineau is one of those teams. This same organization which has been bawling in the public square for several years in order to have money from the State for its new building .

Then who bawls for more money of the State for a more beautiful and more big building . Then more money from the state because of the COVID which derailed the construction train of the new building

Ah yes, the building in question will be called the Slush Puppie Center. You can't invent it: 15 piastres for a slush and a battle …

Heart stroke

Gary bettman. When it's all wrong, I write it, when it's a success I have to do it too. The bet of bubble cities in Toronto and Edmonton has been won. No positive COVID-19 cases as of this writing and the risk is at an all-time low with just two teams remaining in Alberta. The challenge of the next season may however be a whole different story …


To the decision-makers of Quebec university football. We manage to set up a junior hockey season, college football seasons etc., but we cancel the college football season? All this while the universities are not for the most part face-to-face. And how was it possible to grant the right to vote to universities which do not have a football program? Laughable …

A little 2 on …

A victory for the Impact by the end of the MLS calendar. I know, this is a very daring, even risky bet. But as I love this team, I blindfold myself and refuse to see that everything is all wrong. Respect for players from Canadian teams held hostage far from their own to play a twisted season, a significant imbalance compared to American clubs who live an almost normal season.

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