150-pound blogger went outside in a bathing suit and has been abused

150-килограммовая блогер вышла на улицу в купальнике и подверглась домогательствам

Plus size model Anna O’brien took part in a photo shoot right on times square. Girl and so felt uncomfortable with the cameras flashing, the crowd of onlookers, and then there’s the attempt at harassment.

33-year-old model admits that experienced nausea when a group of men went spoke to her. Anna is furious, because there were still two Nude, and all the girls (their nakedness concealed only body art), but the crowd was just staring at her. 150-pound blogersha confessed that when she went outside her swimsuit, ready for the insults, but not to the harassment, the victim of which was.

Buxom model propositioned and greasy grin. She was offered “a Pat ass, lick my feet.” Some wished to “butter her biscuits”. This Anna could not help crying. Having overcome the first attack of tears, she yelled at the offenders and demanded that they stopped talking about her indecency. In his account on the Instagram model wrote that man exists not in order to please someone else, and to change the world for the better. Members supported the emotional post Anna. More than 35 thousand users got a like and two and a half thousand people responded to the emotional message in the comments.


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