150 teachers expect to be able to leave the Nunavik

Stuck in the North since the cancellation of the school year, 150 teachers from the more southern areas of Quebec have finally been given permission to leave the Nunavik.

Since the beginning of the confinement, the teachers who work in the remote communities of Northern Quebec were ” taken hostage “.

On 24 march, the Kativik school Board has put an end to the school year because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus. Note that the school calendar is different in large urban centres and the end of classes was scheduled for 28 may.

Until yesterday evening, it is prohibited yet the teachers native speakers from outside of Nunavik to return to their corner of the country. A good part of the teaching staff comes from elsewhere in Quebec.

A situation denounced by the Association of employees of Northern québec (AENQ-CSQ).

The union’s president, Larry Imbault, lamented the decision of the director of public health asking to the teachers and school staff to stay in Nunavik to help the community in case of need.

The Decision ” Abusive “

“We think this decision is one-sided, abusive, we think that our members have the right to return to their communities and be with their “, lamented Mr. Imbault.

A decision all the more worrying, then, that the federal government has sent planes all over the world to repatriate canadian citizens.

Note that since the 28 march, the government Legault has restricted access to several regions, including Nunavik. Checks at airports have been increased to ensure that only travel essential to be maintained to stop the spread of the COVID-19.

Ban lifted

After hemming and hawing, the ministry of Education was informed last night that the teachers will be able to finally return home. Remains to be seen how long they will be able to benefit from a return flight to the south of the province.

“The director of public health of the Nunavik has lifted the ban on departure of the staff of the Kativik school board, has supported the ministry spokesman, Bryan St-Louis. The teachers will thus be able to officially leave the Nunavik shortly. “

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