16 simple tips on how to look expensive without spending extra (photos)

2017-09-16 19:27

16 simple tips on how to look expensive without spending extra (photos)
Here are the rules that will allow you to save and look no less luxurious.

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Fashionista social networks look amazing, and it seems that with a small budget to replicate their images are impossible, according to Rus.Media.

Please note the lining

When buying clothes look at the lining — the lining clothes invisible, neatly sewn and not peeking out from under clothes.

Check the pattern on the seams

Pay attention to the fit if the pattern on the seams of the product. Don’t buy thing, if the picture is broken: it produces the desire of the manufacturer to save on fabric. Such clothing will look cheap.

Pay attention to the composition of things

Note the modern materials. For example, neoprene, which is present even in the budget brands. And textured fabrics — tweed, cotton and linen. These things look expensive, even if cost a bit.

Give preference to faux suede

Faux suede looks more expensive faux-leather, so feel free to choose it.

Avoid open lightning

Often the quality of the product is given by the hardware. Open zipper in cheap clothes talking about the cost of things. If lightning is visible, its color and all its elements must match fabric. Except when an external flash is a design element, it should be covered placket.

Select Gastronome shoes

Bright pumps in mass markets as beautiful, as luxury brands and pointed-toe flats and heels in black or ludowego shade perfect for any office image.

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Create the impression of the clothes sewed on order

Only expensive brand can afford good patterns, due to which the impression that this thing is unique and custom-made for the Housewives.

So the main thing is neat:

never wear wrinkled things

things must not be twisted or carelessly buttoned

clothes should hold their shape and be the same size

avoid models with pleats, this gives the product intended for mass consumption

Please note on the bag

Prefer neutral colors: black, white, beige, and shades of precious stones, such as sapphire and malachite. These colors in combination with artificial skin look better than bright and pastel shades.

Do not buy bags with contrast stitching, fringe, pleats and embroidery (such details hide poor quality, for example, that the product is made from pieces).

There is nothing that gives an inexpensive bag as cheap accessories: often in the expensive bags no zipper.

Bag hard form, will last longer and look more like a designer thing.

Do not get carried away with decorative elements

Lace in designer things is very different from what you can buy in the mass market. Give preference to a small element of lace, it will give the image of femininity. For rhinestones and sequins have strict rules — they have a right to life only in the couture outfits.

Avoid earthy tones

Avoid basic things dark tones. These shades fade fast, so better to give preference to bright tones, jewel tones and pastel colors.

Refuel apparel

Tucked shirt gives the image of composure. It is necessary to abandon the fashionable styles, in which there is carelessness, — grunge, boho or hippie. Stick to the classics of romantic style and casual style.

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Add gold

A simple way to look stylish without any extra cost to give preference to the simple method (e.g., a white shirt and boyfriend jeans) and add a decoration made of gold or high quality gold plated jewelry.

Mix different textures in one image

Combine different textures — silk, soft knits with suede, denim, etc. the Image will become much more interesting without adding unnecessary accessories.

Pay attention to the little things

Quality clothing smooth seams, thread coincide exactly with the shade cloth and clothing carefully processed, without protruding threads.

Pay attention to the accessories — the plastic buttons give the cost of the product and faster break down, and painted metal quick allupate. These buttons are better replaced by better and more effective.

Choose white

Allow yourself sometimes total white, no matter how much you paid for the thing — $ 10 or 100, the effect is the same.

Set your priorities correctly.

It is more rational to spend more money on the clothes you wear more often (jeans, shirts, t-shirts), but not in a beautiful evening dress. White t-shirt good quality it makes sense to give $ 50, instead of buying five low-quality white t-shirts for the same money.

A dress for a special occasion it is better to rent.