1629 case of COVID-19 in Quebec, Legault called for a “judicious use” of masks

1629 cas de COVID-19 au Québec: Legault appelle à une «utilisation judicieuse» des masques

To avoid a shortage, the protection masks must be used wisely in the health-care system, warns François Legault.

The prime minister has repeated for several days that Quebec has enough medical equipment to win the fight against the coronavirus, even if health professionals have sounded the alarm about the depletion of stocks. But in a time of pandemic, things change quickly, the speech also.

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With 1629 people infected by the coronavirus and 106 hospitalized patients, the health network must now maintain its inventory of masks, agreed on Thursday, François Legault.

He assured that no compromise will be made on precautions taken to protect health-care workers.

“But every country in the world, currently, to monitor the use of the famous masks because there are concerns that if the rise continues over the next few weeks, well, it’s going to be tight in the masks,” said François Legault, in his daily press conference on the state of propagation of the COVID-19.

The prime minister maintains that masks should not be used when this is not necessary. He noted in passing that in some institutions, their use has “exploded” in the last days.

“Like all countries in the world, there is an inventory that is limited to masks, and one must ensure not to go overboard with it. If surutilise, at a given moment, indeed, there is a greater risk that we will miss it”, he added.

46 health care workers infected

The concern is gaining the health professionals who are the front line of the fight against the coronavirus, whether they be doctors, nurses, attendants. Many complain about the lack of medical equipment to protect themselves and fear that then infect their loved ones.

And the new balance of the members of the health care staff infected is rising. Forty-six health care workers are struggling with the COVID-19.

The national Director of public health has made it clear on Thursday that many of them have traveled or may have contracted the virus outside of their place of work.

How much? It is not known for the moment.

“We are in the process of doing these analyses-there accurately. But what I can tell you is that currently I have not had information that there have been cases of nosocomial transmission,” said Dr. Horacio Arruda.

In Quebec, dated 26 march 13h, the situation is the following

  • 1629-confirmed cases (an increase of 290)
  • 8 deaths (increase of 2)
  • 106 people in hospital (increase of 28)
  • 43 persons in intensive care (increase of 8)
  • 36 000 tests
  • 2600 people under investigation
  • 31 800 scans negative

– With the collaboration of Vincent Larin