19 employees infected by the COVID-19: An IGA forced to close in Lévis

19 employés infectés par la COVID-19: Un IGA forcé de fermer à Lévis

The IGA of the route du président-Kennedy, Lévis was forced to close by the end of the week because that 19 of its employees were contaminated by the COVID-19, which makes the store of the brand with the most cases of coronavirus in Quebec.

The IGA Extra Veilleux and Girls learned Friday that there were 14 new cases of contamination in its staff, in addition to the five cases that were already known. This situation has led to the precautionary removal of 22 employees. At 18 h, the supermarket was suspending its operations temporarily.

“We take it very seriously because we need our employees. It is for this reason that we took the decision to close. While the protocol will be reviewed to ensure that everything is put in place,” says Anne-Hélène Lavoie, spokesperson for Sobeys, which owns the IGA banner.

Reopening Monday

The supermarket chain confirmed that the IGA will be able to open again as of Monday after a break of two days, which will disinfect in depth the institution for a third time this month.

Orders online and by phone, suspended, also Friday, will be again accessible at the same time.

“It’s a store that has more than 175 employees. This is when even a store that has a very large surface and many employees, then there will be no problem to reopen on Monday with the necessary staff,” says dr. Lavoie.

Each time a new case is reported, the company, together with the public health, seeks to establish the close contacts that the individual was able to have with colleagues.

Sometimes, it is employees who were already in isolation as a precaution and have subsequently developed symptoms.

Low risk

Sobeys considers that the risk that an infected worker may have contaminated a customer is not important.

“The department of public health tells us that it is fairly low [as] possibility,” according to Ms. Lavoie, who also raises as many sanitary measures have been made in all the grocery stores.

The spokesperson adds that this situation demonstrates the importance of respecting the separation physical in public places.

On its website, Sobeys unveils daily new cases of coronavirus in its various grocery stores throughout the country. “It is transparent, it does not cover our case. It really is a corporate decision,” said Ms. Lavoie.

Grocery stores, Metro and Super C do the same on their website.

In regards to the IGA Extra Veilleux and Girls, the first case was confirmed April 11 for an employee who had worked for the last time on 6 April.

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