$ 2.3 billion to municipalities and transportation companies

$ 2.3 billion to municipalities and transportation companies

The Minister of Finance, Éric Girard, announced Friday that an amount of $ 2.3 billion will be granted by Quebec for the financing of transport companies and municipalities.

“$ 1.2 billion will be granted for transport companies, 800 million for municipalities and a reserve of 300 million for any eventuality,” said the Minister of Finance during the announcement.

Transit companies have been hit hard by the pandemic, as an 80% to 90% drop in ridership was seen in most services at the height of containment. Income from the purchase of tickets therefore fell, but most services had to be maintained since they were considered essential.

Municipalities have also been hit hard, with several budgets having to be increased considerably to help citizens. With these investments, the government hopes to enable municipalities to avoid tax increases and cuts in services to citizens.

Minister Girard was accompanied during the announcement by Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Andrée Laforest, and Minister of Transport, François Bonnardel.

“Yes there is the pandemic, but yes there is also the economic recovery. We will announce the amounts for each municipality very soon, ”Minister Laforest said.

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